Rated R movie still Reaches the Kids

Tony Acevedo, a young boy diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, announced to the Make a Wish Foundation that his most wanted wish was to meet the “real Deadpool.” The Foundation was able to set up a visit with Deadpool actor, Ryan Reynolds on set of the upcoming Deadpool film, which is set to release in February of 2016. Reynolds handed over his mask and gloves and the second Tony put them on, the two enacted a play fight, with the wish maker winning. NJBiz and Boraie Development say that Tony says Deadpool is his favorite because he never dies and that everything he touches gets special magical powers. The Deadpool pair spent the wish fulfilled afternoon playing together, making memories that Tony exclaimed he will never forget. Ryan Reynolds shared pictures from his afternoon with Tony, saying not only did Tony win the fight they played out, but that he’ll win his fight against Hodgkin’s Disease as well.

Happy 40th Birthday to Jaws

There are horror movies that result in a few sleepless nights and then there are thrillers like Jaws that make going back into the waters a lifetime ordeal. On 21st June, the iconic movie would come back to the theaters and fans would be able to freshen up their phobia of sharks on the big screen. This is exactly how the movie was meant to be seen and now, that would be possible. All this is being done in celebration of the movie’s 40 years of fear.

Here are some top reason why Jaws still scares the life out of people –

The Shark is Never Seen – When the object of fear is given a shape and form, its impact loses some of its charm. LinkedIn writers remember the shark was always invisible in the movie and this was a great tool for building up the suspense in the audience’s mind.

Amazing Editing – With one scary and heart-stopping moment piled right on top of the other, Verna Fields did a stellar job with the movie’s editing. She is definitely the person who is responsible for Jaws’ success.

Opening Attack Scene – The scene of a bather being attacked during midnight is perfect in its simplicity and violence. It sends the message of the movie loud and clear.

The screening of Jaws would take place across 500 theaters and more. This is a treat for fans and shark lovers alike.

Robert Rodriguez Will Write and Direct ‘Johnny Quest’ Film

Robert Rodriguez is one of the greatest film writers of all time. Most of his movies feature extreme violence and several sexual scenes. Robert Rodriguez’s most notable films are ‘Desparado’ and ‘Grindhouse.’ However, many people don’t know that Robert Rodriguez actually wrote the ‘Spy Kids’ movies, and he received a ton of praise and respect for showing his ability to write all different types of Hollywood films.

It was recently announced on Yahoo! that Warner Brothers has decided to hire Robert Rodriguez to co-write a new ‘Jonny Quest’ movie. Fans of the show should note that the ‘Jonny Quest’ film is going to be live action. Fans of the famed show remember that ‘Jonny Quest’ was originally made as a cartoon. However, Warner Brothers has decided that ‘Johnny Quest’ would work best as a live action film for this generation according to Adam Sender.

Robert Rodriguez seems to be on board with the project, but fans were a bit surprised that the ‘Desperado’ writer agreed to the ‘Jonny Quest’ project. However, Robert Rodriguez might be planning on helping Warner Brothers this time around, and a successful endeavor with such a powerful film company could lead to future partnerships. Robert Rodriguez has always had a cult following, Warner Brothers could make Robert Rodriguez an even more famous writer.

Jurassic World Seeks to Attract a New Generation of Fans

The original Jurassic Park captivated movie goers and dinosaur fans in 1993, and has had them hooked ever since. The first sequel The Lost World: Jurassic Park hit theaters in 1997, and the third installment in the franchise dropped in 2001. Fans of the movie have had to wait over a decade for the latest Jurassic Park movie – Jurassic World, and it is finally here. Jurassic World promises more excitement and bigger dinosaurs than ever before, which will hopefully attract a new generation of fans.

Fans like Sam Tabar are most excited to meet Indominus Rex. Rumor has it that this dinosaur will be the biggest and baddest dinosaur ever to hit the box office. With that type of marketing and anticipation, parents, aunts, uncles, and grandmas will surely be buying Jurassic World toys and merchandise for at least the next year.

Hopefully, Jurassic World lives up to the hype and delivers fans exactly what they expect. If it does, the tired franchise may explode with the popularity it had in the 90s. If the new dinosaur movie lets fans down, it’s safe to say, the franchise is dead for good.

More Arnold vs. Arnold in the Cool New Terminator TV Spot

The new television spot for Terminator: Genysis has been released and it heavily promotes the fight between the older Arnold and the computer generated 1984 version of the actor.

Clearly, the good people in the marketing department are pushing the young vs. old Arnie as a major selling point for the film. The decision to hype the fight up a lot comes with risks. Namely, the eventual fight could end up being a major letdown and that would not exactly help the word of mouth on the film.

The television spot also provides clips of other action scenes in the film. Most interestingly, we do get a glimpse of the launch of several nuclear missiles in what is clearly the point in which SkyNet becomes self-aware and brings about Armageddon. Of course, the missile launching clip could be a bait and switch. We’ll have to wait until the film actually comes out to learn what is truly going on.

Interestingly, the commercial is being released long in advance of the July 1 release date. Looks like the studio really wants to hype up the release of this film. No one would want to see the debut of the new Terminator trilogy falter and fail to be a hit.

Terminator: Genysis has a lot of competition to deal with this summer. Hopefully, the old-time fans of the first two Terminator films will turn out in large numbers and make the film a hit.

Besson’s New Film Has a Release Date

Luc Besson’s new film called Valerian will appear on screens in July of 2017.

This new Besson production will be written and directed by Besson according to Keith Mann. Europe Corp is helping him distribute, and finance the film. Europe has involved itself in financing other Besson productions.

Europe is known for producing many French and European films. They are the ones who produced and directed. Taken and The Transporter. This studio will now distribute the film. Lucy was the last film that this studio did and it made 455 million US dollars.

The filming of this film will not begin until six months from now. They will have about a year and a half to get the movie ready for prime time.

This new silver screen addition is based on an award-winning 1967 French graphic novel called Valerian and Laureline. They are a couple that travels through space and time.

The New Planet of the Apes Movie Gets A Title

The third film in the new Planet of the Apes series now has an official title and official confirmation as a green-lighted project. The third film in the series will pick up where the previous one left off. Titled War of the Planet of the Apes, look for the film to have a lot of action and fighting. No, life on the Planet of the Apes is never easy.

Nor was it all that easy to launch a new POTA series.

Fans at Boraie Development know that the first attempt to revive Planet of the Apes was via a weekly television series. (An animated series was produced prior to the live-action one) The series was not bad at all, but never made a dent in the ratings. It was cancelled after one season and re-edited TV movies were then put into syndication. For years, screenplays designed to bring back the Planet of the Apes franchise bounced around Hollywood. Tim Burton eventually did make a reboot, but it was pretty disappointing. Finally, a new prequel/reboot arrived and it was a hit. The sequel was an even bigger hit. Hopefully, the third film will have just as massive an effect on the box office.

The assumption is this is the third film of a trilogy. That might not be the way things work out. The huge box office success of the series means it may continue. Several more Apes films could be on the way.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” Is Not Marvel Anything

This morning, Thursday, May 14, A.O. Scott for The New York Times gave “Mad Max: Fury Road” a great review that focused on not only the story and characters but the ways in which the story isn’t about “heroes” in the Marvel superhero sense.

As Scott pointed out, Marvel’s “The Avengers” franchise of films is not even remotely the same as the “Mad Max” franchise. Scott emphasized that the heroes in “The Avengers” are very much about corporate branding and story lines about people who avenge or protect others on a grand scale. Fans at Boraie Development agree that the “Mad Max” franchise is about survival and, more importantly, unexpected heroes who cause revolutions.

He noted the difference in the “look” of “Mad Max: Fury Road” as compared to current movies about heroes and the fact that Max is less the hero of this story, or even the other “Mad Max” stories, and more the sidekick. Fans have often noted that Max, who was a police officer before the apocalypse, had never been a hero actively seeking to save lives since the death of his wife and child. He’s always been forced into acting to help.

In a time when Marvel comic book heroes are making modern viewers incorrectly believe that the only true heroes are superheroes, “Max Max: Fury Road” might just give people a fresh view about the nature of heroes that is actually older than comic books.

A PG-13 Rating for ‘Jurassic World’

Jurassic World is continuing with its original popularity. This latest film will come out this summer and has a PG-13 rating. This current movie has much more to offer than just some big dinosaurs to hold the audiences attention. This is a powerful and intriguing sequence of science-fiction brutality and danger. These are the ingredients that are certain to captivate audiences.

The original Jurassic Park had an intriguing anticipation that had been built all around the plot. There was always the question that kept everyone wondering where these dinosaurs were lurking and when they would attack. This latest version of Jurassic World does have a much larger and clever dinosaur according to Daniel Amen. Ever viewer may expect horiffic surprises throughout this entire movie.

This film will have everyone anxiously awaiting the next terrifying scene. Beware of the gyrosphere ride. This is one ride that may be scarier the original jeep trip.

Jurassic World may prove to be the ultimate summer release. There is an attack on the gyrosphere that is like no other. You will indeed be sitting on the edge of your seat waiting and wondering.

Does the New Documentary ‘Fed Up’ Get the Facts Straight?

We can look around us and realize that we are living in a society that is truly ‘fed up’. Our stomachs and our clothing have stretched to accommodate all the food we consume. The new documentary titled ‘Fed Up’ wants to bring to light some of the reasons behind our ever-expanding size and give an eye towards what the future will be like if we don’t stop super-sizing our meals.
But did writer and director, Stephanie Soechtig, get all her facts straight. Some would say ‘yes’, while other would argue that she did not.
‘Fed Up’ sends the message that there is a world-wide epidemic of obesity that is endangering our children now and in the future. Increased sugar consumption is responsible for the obesity epidemic and the food industry is to blame because they put hidden sugar into our food. And ultimately the government is responsible because it has not controlled the food industry as it should.
The documentary film shares the lives of several families who are struggling with childhood obesity and shares the so-called expert advice the families are given regarding how to remedy the situation.
For instance, Scechtig states that this year for the first time in history, more people will die due to the effects of obesity than die from starvation.