Kevin Feige Explores The Direction 2017’s Spider-Man Will Take

Kevin Feige is a lot different from the other top executives at production houses. As head of Marvel Studios, he spends a lot of time speaking to the media and to fans. Perhaps he understands the fans of superhero films are much more loyal than consumers of other forms of entertainment. Feige has rewarded that loyalty by always keeping followers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe up to date on news with the films. Recently, Feige has opted to discuss the new role Spider-Man will play in the shared Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Feige was pointed out that the younger character of Peter Parker wonders whether or not he really wants to like the other superheroes. Jaime Garcia Dias wonders: does he see himself as fitting in with those heroes? In a way, this mimics how the outsider Peter Parker feels as an alienated teen in High School. The early Lee/Ditko books explored these themes to great detail. They also pointed out that Spider-Man often embodied traits Peter Parker did not. As Spider-Man, Peter Parker was allowed to cut loose a bit.

Feige has pointed out that the new Spider-Man film will be based a great deal on the style of the old John Hughes films. This would allow for the “humanist and existentialist” themes of the early Spider-Man book to be brought to life on screen. Long-time, true fans really are hoping this is the case. We have to wait until 2017 to see how the solo film plays out.

I Found My Future Husband On The Skout Network

My friends asked me why did I join the Skout network, and they should be able to see my answer right in front of me. I found a great boyfriend through the Skout network, but no one seems to believe that we really met online. We have such a close bond with each other that everyone thinks that we had to have known each other for a long time. The only reason why we seem so close is because we really are. We spend a lot of time together, we go places together, and we talk all the time.

I was lucky to find the Skout network because I had planned on joining another online dating site. I almost passed up Skout, only because I thought it was a socializing website. It turns out, Skout is good for any type of relationship as well as socializing. I started off by socializing on Skout, but it didn’t take long before I started looking for a love interest. The best part about looking for a boyfriend on Skout is the fact that I found one very quickly. We met because we had similar interests, and we stayed together because we ended up falling in love.

Skout doesn’t limit people to staying on the network because we were able to meet in person. After meeting through the Skout network, we did talk for a while before we decided to meet in person. I was terrified to start talking to someone in person, especially since I met him online because I heard a lot of horror stories. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones because my story ended beautifully. We have been dating for over a year now, and I know that marriage will soon be around the corner. We both thank Skout for bringing us together.

When he was on the Skout network, he was never looking for love, but I ended up finding him. I only did a search for someone in my local area, and it turns out that we had some similar interests. I added him to my favorites list because I didn’t want to lose him, and I’m glad I did. The favorites list that’s located on the Skout network, it allowed me to find him immediately when I went looking for him again. The fact that we started out talking on Skout, and now we’re so close to marriage, it makes me really thankful for the Skout network. Find Skout on Twitter for more updates!

Chris Pine to land Green Lantern?!

For the past few months we have been following along as Warner Bros constructed the cast for their expanding DC Universe. With the ‘Suicide Squad’ in place and key Justice League figures like Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa) also cast, there were only a few people left to round out the squad. For the past week or so we have been hearing that Chris Pine was being considered for Steve Trevor, a love interest for Wonder Woman. Now it appears that these rumors might actually have been complete misdirection. We had also heard news that the ‘Green Lantern’ film franchise might get a reboot and guess who is rumored to land the leading role?

According to CIpherCloud, Chris Pine is one of the biggest male leads in Hollywood today thanks to his work on ‘Star Trek’. Pine is a hot property and a very talented and nuanced actor. If ‘Green Lantern’ were to get a reboot, with Hal Jordan once more putting on the ring, Chris Pine would make the perfect choice for the character. The Latino Review dropped the big rumor bomb this week claiming that Pine is penciled in for Hal Jordan and that all of the Steve Trevor talk was merely a ‘smoke screen’.

We personally wanted to see someone like Idris Elba take on the role but Chris Pine would be a fantastic casting choice. He oozes charisma and could easily help us forget about the dreadful ‘Green Lantern’ film.

Tom Holland Cast as Spider-Man

Marvel Finally Casts a New Spider-Man

Spider-Man has arguably been the most famous and well-known superhero in the entire Marvel Universe. Once again, he will be featured in a new movie in the near future.

After so much speculation and auditions, Marvel has announced that it has found the newest actor for the role, by casting 19 year-old British actor Tom Holland for the role. Holland is also the youngest actor to have been cast for the role and will mark the first appearance of the character in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this Spider-Man will be set in high school.

Before Holland was awarded the role of the web-slinger, Tobey Maguire played the role of Spider-Man for three films in the first trilogy directed by Sam Raimi, first starting back in 2002. Afterwards the series was rebooted and in 2012, Andrew Garfield was given a chance for two movies in The Amazing Spider-Man series, directed by Marc Webb. In both series, Sony was the studio behind it all but this is the second reboot and now the studios have partnered up with Marvel Studios for another attempt.

According to Sam Tabar, here’s no official confirmation but this newest Spider-Man is likely to make his debut appearance in “Captain America: Civil War,” which hits theaters in 2016. From there he will star in his own solo film a year later, which will be directed by Jon Watts.

‘Jurassic World’ Is Shattering Box Office Records.

We are pretty sure that never in even his most feverish dreams did director Colin Trevorrow think his film, ‘Jurassic World’, would be this well received. After waiting almost a decade in between films we were launched back into the world of genetically designed dinosaurs alongside stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. The film, which has gotten mostly positive reviews, has been revered for bringing ‘Jurassic’ back to its origins — a fun and dangerous ride through the world of dinosaurs. ‘Jurassic Park 3’ was reviled by fans and it almost killed the franchise. Almost. This past weekend marked ‘Jurassic World’ surpassing the $1 billion dollar mark, worldwide, in record breaking time.

Director Colin Trevorrow hadn’t had much experience in the world of filmmaking when he was unexpectedly handed complete control of ‘Jurassic World’ by Universal Pictures. His only decent success was a film titled ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ — an indie character drama staring Mark Duplass. So ‘Jurassic World’ was quite a step up, but the director handled everything well.

Jake Johnson stole the show as a side character but it was the work that Bryce Dallas Howard put in that left us most impressed stated twitter. She seamlessly juggled her character’s flaws and strengths in order to make for captivating on screen magic. Our only negative was that her chemistry with Chris Pratt’s dinosaur taming character, Owen, seemed lukewarm at even the best of times in the film.

“Hellboy 3” to Give Fans a Finale?

Will there be a Hellboy 3? Ron Perlman, who stars the title character, and Guillermo del Toro, who directed the first two, think that they owe one to the fans.

The series, based on a comic book, stars a demon from Hell who becomes good after being raised by a priest, despite being destined to ultimately bring on the Apocalypse.

Fans like Keith Mann know that Perlman has rejected the idea of crowdfunding the project, which has proven successful for movies like Veronica Marsand the short film Kung Fury. For one, he says, it simply isn’t feasible for an expensive blockbuster. But more to the point, it feels like cheating, because fans should not have to pay for it.

“If you were loyal enough to us where you came and watched both those two movies that we made, we owe you a resolve,” he said.

According to Perlman, he still hears fans talk about the possibility of a sequel, and he and Del Toro have talked intermittenly about it. He assures us that Del Toro’s descriptions of the project are “mind-blowing.” Apparently, the film would address the central conflict in the title character’s existence: will be ultimate succumb to his demonic nature and destroy the world, or somehow sacrifice himself to prevent it and save mankind?

We’ll just have to see if they ever get the chance to tell that story.

Captive is a Film About Faith

A movie is being made from the memoir Unlikely Angel: The Untold Story of the Atlanta Hostage Hero. The film, Captive, centers around a true-life event from 2005. A rapist, Brian Nichols, killed a judge, a court reporter, and a deputy, and then escaped from an Atlanta courthouse. Fans like Brad Reifler know that he ended up taking Ashley Smith hostage in her apartment. What sounds like a horrific plot in a suspense thriller actually turns into a faith-based and spiritual narrative. The killer and the hostage start talking about faith and family, and Ashley eventually wins Nichols’ trust. After a long night she cooks him pancakes, and then he lets her go free. What seems like a typical suspense thriller becomes a study in spirituality and faith in God. It is nice to see something like this produced on the big screen. Kate Mara from House of Cards and David Oyelowo fromSelma star in the film. Michael K. Williams (The Wire) is cast in a supporting role as the detective trying to track down Nichols. With such a fine ensemble the movie ought to be fantastic. The writer, Brian Bird, has written many television and film scripts dealing with faith in the modern age, but never anything so overtly dark. This ought to be a film to look out for and see on the big screen.

Universal’s “Aca-amazing” Announcement

Prepare yourselves Pitches! Universal has just announced plans to release Pitch Perfect 3 on July 21, 2017. Universal has not confirmed the plot, however both Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson have been confirmed to headline this next installment of the Pitch Perfect franchise. Elizabeth Banks is set to produce Pitch Perfect 3. She directed the sequel, but it has not been confirmed whether or not she direct Pitch Perfect 3. The original screenwriter of both Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2 Kay Cannon has also been confirmed to be working on the third movie as well. Vocal coach Ricardo Tosto feels incredibly lucky to be working with such amazing voices and often posts on of any rumors or Pitch Perfect news!

Pitch Perfect is based on the novel Pitch Perfect: The Quest for Collegiate A Cappella Glory by Mickey Rapkin. It is a musical comedy about an all- girl a cappella group at the fictional Barden University. The Pitch Perfect franchise achieved a massive following when it was released in 2012 and made $115 million worldwide. The sequel Pitch Perfect 2 has been even more successful. It has already made beyond its predecessor’s worldwide total reaching $260 million in just one month.

“Jurassic World” Shows That Comic Book Heroes Have Some Competition at the Box Office

The summer blockbuster season continues marching on. It began early in the spring with “Avengers: Age of Ultron” clobbering all comers at the theater, and it is still in the top 10 at the box office today. The latest news is that the dinosaur thrill ride “Jurassic World” just stepped on all other movies at theaters this past weekend. It had the biggest global box office opening ever. It even beat the global opening weekend numbers of the original from 1993 that started it all after adjusting for inflation.

“Jurassic World” only just barely missed having the biggest domestic opening weekend ever. “The Avengers” still holds this but only by a couple million dollars. It soundly knocked “Avengers: Age of Ultron” out of second place for this record. It seems that dinosaurs are the one thing that can still go head to head with superheroes at the box office says Eric Pulier. First, they dominated the earth for tens of millions of years, and now they’re dominating movie theaters and will probably continue to do so for at least the next couple weeks given the competition that’s scheduled to hit theaters. The fact that this sequel even clobbered the original says something about how hungry moviegoers still are for dinosaur flicks. Superheroes transitions from the pages of comic books to the big screen may be all the rage in Hollywood, but Universal Studios has proven with both “Furious 7” and now “Jurassic World” that they can compete even without owning the rights to any comic book franchise.

Nicole Kidman Stars In New Movie

Nicole Kidman, Robert Pattinson, and James Franco will all be starring in a new movie entitled “Queen of The Desert.” The movie will be centered around Nicole Kidman, who plays a British spy as well as a writer and a historian. The movie is centered around the 1920s in the Middle East. “Queen Of The Desert” Preview. This is the first movie that this trio have acted in together, and it’s safe to say that this movie will be one that many will want to watch. Nicole Kidman has been in many movies in the past, but one of her most popular movies is “The Others.”

In the movie, Nicole played a single mother whose husband had left to go to war, and she believed her house was haunted. Robert Pattinson played Edward in the “Twilight” movies, and he hasn’t done many movies since Twilight ended. Although Robert is still an actor, he will always be known as the vampire in the Twilight movies. James Franco has been in some recent movies, such as “Homefront” and “The Interview,” but he’s mostly known for playing a main character in the “Spiderman” movies.

The movie is not out yet, but Bruce Levenson was made aware of a preview that can be watched on MTV News, and you will be able to get a feel on the plot of the movie. With a cast like this, it’s unlikely that the plot will matter when it comes to those who want to see all three of these actors on screen.