Visual Effects Are Changing All Aspects Of Visual Reality

Anyone who has gone to the movies in the last 20 years are familiar with the visual effects that are being used in the film making industry. The most simple definition of visual effects is that they are the effects that are using computer graphics on a shot that was filmed on top of a green screen. These affects are imagery or other effects that are added to increase the validity of a live action shot. There are many visual effects that can bee used, from the addition of characters to a shot to putting the characters in a different place all together. These effects create computer created environments which look realistic, and they are used because these shots would either be too dangerous to filmed on the spot, or because the facts are creations of fantasy and must be completely created using animation or computer programs.

Because of the expense of visual effects they used to be a signature of only the big name movie productions. With the advent of faster computers and better programs these visual affects have become something even the smaller production houses can use. With a good group of visual effects and artists, a person can add visual effects into anything. John Textor, the executive chairman of Pulse, has worked to add characters who have died into productions. Pulse, along with the company Digital Domain, is behind bringing back slain rapper Tupac Shakur at the Coachella music festival in 2012. He also is behind the process of bringing back the late Michael Jackson to the stage. This effect involved projecting an image on glass or plastic at a 45-degree angle, which then brings that image fuller into the viewer’s field of view which is closer to the real way our eyes see things. In this way, John Textor‘s Pulse and Digital Domain actually brought back the singer to do more than just stand there as Tupac had. Instead, this new hologram now danced, moonwalked, and even addressed the audience.

Sergio Cortes Channels Michael Jackson and Fans Praise His Efforts

As someone that grew up during the Michael Jackson and Prince era, I favored Jackson. He was able bring me happiness for so many years with all of his entertaining videos and magical songs. When he passed I knew that his music would live on, but I had no idea that there would be someone in the world that could impersonate his so well. Sergio Cortes has done a magnificent job of keeping Jackson’s stage performance in tact by taking on the job of impersonating a man that was a legend.

Jackson made timeless music, and I have been able to see some shows in Las Vegas that were simply amazing. The thing about Sergio Cortes that works is his look. To me, that is special in a different type of way because he makes people stand in awe. Lots of fans of Michael Jackson has taken photos with him. That is how much he looks like Jackson to me. He may be a bit more muscular than Jackson, but aside from that he has the same features. There is also the hair that is styled like Jackson’s hair. These are things that have allowed him to be recognized outside of Brazil – his native land – for such an impressive impersonation of Michael Jackson.

I have seen the videos of him performing. I have seen him interviewing. I can tell that he has worked very hard to make each impersonation believable. I like this because he has managed to carve out a unique niche that most people just don’t have access to. Other performers may be to emulate the moves. The average performance doesn’t have all the quirks and slight movements that make the impersonation come off as authentic. Cortes does, and that is why he has been successful. He has been recognized by the masses as one of the best in the world of Jackson impersonations.

Michael Jackson had a long career. He made it easy for people to really study him because he had a whole catalog of music. He has all of this energy, and he has managed to provide a lot of videos that people can study. That is why Sergio Cortes has been able to really carve out a place as a talent in this world. I can just tell that he has taken the time to study and master what Jackson was doing.

When I see someone like Sergio performing I know that my kids and my grand kids will still get to witness the magic of Michael Jackson. He left a huge legacy of music that can continue to live on. His performances were amazing, and Sergio continues to carry Jackson’s torch.

Mobile Wireless Services May Be The Best Way To Access The Internet

Everyone uses wifi these days, and the majority of people use wifi more than they use a data plan that they may have connected to their cell phone. Data plans are important when someone has a cell phone, but it can be expensive. Anyone who is on a data plan that is limited, they may have serious issues when it comes to using the Internet. The person may go on the Internet for an hour, and they can easily eat up all the data they have for the month, especially if they watch videos or stream movies.

Although data is necessary for anyone with a phone or a mobile device, it can be something that’s costly. One way to subsidize the cost of data is by connecting to wifi. There are tons of hotspots around the USA that allow a person to connect to wifi free of charge, but at the same time, this can be very dangerous. Depending on how the person connects to wifi, they may be putting their mobile device at risk, or their laptop may be at risk if they use a laptop to connect to the hotspot. Yes, it’s useful to connect to free wifi, but one must be careful, especially if it’s in a random location.

The best way to connect to wifi while on the go is to sign up for a plan with a company that has reliable wifi hotspots. Although these networks are populated by random people as well, at least each person is accounted for, unlike with free wifi in a restaurant or store. Restaurants and stores allow people to sign up for wifi with very little information. This means that there is no real way to track the person who is using the wifi, and once the person leaves the store or restaurant, they are disconnected from the wifi.

Anyone who is looking for a more secure connection to the Internet while on the go, they should join FreedomPop. FreedomPop has introduced wifi hotspots that can be connected to millions of locations across the USA. The speeds are 4G, and this means that the person can sit and stream a movie if they’d like, or they can have lightning fast speeds to connect to the Internet. FreedomPop offers an unlimited wifi service for only five dollars a month, which is something that’s unheard of.

Unlike other services that may charge you for the use of their wifi hotspots around the USA, I read on Engadget that FreedomPop only has one charge, and the monthly charge will not break the bank at $5 a month. Not only will a person be able to get on the Internet with fast speeds, but they don’t have to worry about security of their device. There are currently millions of locations that a person can go to, and they can connect to the FreedomPop wifi service. The wifi service is available through an app that works on an Android or an iPhone. Anyone looking to save on Internet costs should seriously consider signing up for FreedomPop wifi.

“Ghostbusters” Gets One Of The Original Team For A Cameo

Who ya gonna call? According to a story that can be seen here the answer is Dan Aykroid. The actor has reportedly tweeted that he was on set of the new “Ghostbusters” movie to film a cameo appearance. The tweet was quickly taken down leading some to think that his appearance was meant to be a surprise for viewers.

The movie is a reboot of the 1984 “Ghostbusters” that Aykroid starred in and co-wrote. The newest incarnation will feature an all female team of spirit hunters in the form of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. It will also have “Thor” actor, Chris Hemsworth, joining in as the teams receptionist.

So far Aykroid is the only one of the original cast that has been confirmed with a cameo. Fans like Zeca Oliveira are excited that Bill Murray is unlikely to appear since he has been unwilling to reprise his role from the originals for years. Likewise, Rick Moranis is probably out as well due to now being retired from acting. Sigourney Weaver has stated that she would be thrilled to do a quick cameo and it is still possible that Ernie Hudson could also appear.

Aykroid’s tweet has started a number of rumors about what small role he might be playing. So far the most popular is that he will be a cab driver that yells one of the original film’s iconic catch phrases at the new team.

Tom Cruise and His Newest Projects

Tom Cruise has been a common face of Hollywood for decades. At times, he has felt backlash for his personal life, including his views of Scientology, but has continued to do his job as an actor very well. He has fans around the world and the team behind Boraie Development believe he can attribute his fame to his endearing performances in many unforgettable roles. From the information given in a recent article, there is much more to come out of the 52-year-old movie star.
Cruise has been busy all year with projects. Mission Impossible 5 is set to be released by year’s end, which is yet another sequel to the popular storyline. He is wrapping up filming in Georgia for another movie called Mena, which highlights the life of Barry Seal, a drug smuggler turned CIA agent during the 70’s and 80’s. It is speculated that the next film on Tom’s list may be a long-awaited sequel to Top Gun, which is the movie where Tom really gained his fame in the 1980’s with his role as Maverick, a handsome fighter pilot.

Channing Tatum Updates

On Wednesday, July 1, Vanity Fair surprised everyone with a 30-second video of Channing Tatum performing seven classic dance moves while he promoted his new film Magic Mike XXL that was released the same day. Tatum is also the star of Vanity Fair’s August cover.

In the video, Tatum performed the Running Man, the Funky Chicken, the Twist, the Hula, the Robot and the Pony, but his best move was Madonna’s “Vogue.” Many of her fans and his have commented that his version of the Vogue was perfectly done.

For fans hoping to see Tatum star in the all-male cast remake of Ghostbusters, there is bad news: Tatum announced last week that he will not be starring in the film. In fact, there may not even be a remake with a male cast as the female cast is currently in production on their version of the cult classic and some critics believed that the all-male version was only being made because some believed the women wouldn’t be able to cut it.

Yet, every dark cloud has a silver lining:

According to Marcio Alaor BMG, Tatum’s writer/producer partner, Reid Carolin, hinted that Gambit has been given the green light and Tatum is practicing his card-throwing skills for the role of Remy LeBaeu/Gambit. Originally, in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, now 34-year-old Taylor Kitsch played the popular Louisiana mutant.

Haidar Barbouti: Passionate Development

Haidar Barbouti is a real estate developer in Houston, TX. He is most famous for his work with the Highland Village Shopping Center, a row of high end shops near downtown. As I review Barbouti’s ventures and experience one word sticks out to me: passion. In an article about a restaurant that Mr. Barbouti opened he said this, “you’re not going to be good at something unless you’re passionate about it.” This belief can be seen in the way Barbouti does and has gone about his real estate developing. Though he had little experience with the restaurant world, Barbouti developed a vision for an upper-level restaurant in Highland Village and went for it. A passion formed in him and he followed it to completion of a now successful eatery—that is the way he works.

In 1991 Haidar Barbouti purchased Highland Village Shopping Center and he has been running the show ever since. This area contains a number of sophisticated stores in aesthetically pleasing architecture. Houston’s first Starbucks went up there three years after Barbouti took ownership. Mr. Barbouti’s development would later attract Crate & Barrel, Williams Sonoma, and other national upscale vendors. Highland Village landed an Apple Store in 2012, located in an impressive building that attracts the attention of drivers on nearby Westheimer road. The area is marked by excellence and this is a testament to the aforementioned quote from Barbouti. He was passionate about developing great shopping real estate and he did just that.

Mr. Barbouti is a prolific user of Twitter and is constantly updating his account with business news articles. He seems to immerse himself in his passions and that is surely an aide to his success. An additional example of this, Barbouti eats at his own restaurant in Highland Village every day that he is in town. I admire his commitment to the quality of business that he is running. It is evident from the stores in his development that he values other companies that do the same. If you are looking for Houston’s finest you are likely to find it in Highland Village. And if you are looking for its developer it is likely Haidar Barbouti.

“London Has Fallen” Trailer

A trailer has been released for London Has Fallen, the upcoming 2016 sequel to Olympus Has Fallen.

In the first film, a former special forces agent turned bodyguard named Mike Banning (played by Gerard Butler) has to defend the president, Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) when terrorists attack the White House. In this follow up, the pair seem to be on some kind of trip to the United Kingdom, only for more terrorists to show up and blow up more monuments. As you do.

Olympus Has Fallen came off as an intentional throwback to 90s action movies, and the trailer for London Has Fallen seems to be continuing that trend: “IN 2013, OLYMPUS FELL,” we are told between shots of various explosions, with soft piano music in the background. “IN 2016, LONDON WILL FALL.”

Then we get a shot of those silly looking palace guards firing machine guns. Apparently, Jaime Garcia Dias says they are allowed to move after all.

The first movie was directed by Antoine Fuqua, but he will be sitting this one out, handing the role over to Babak Najafi (who previously directed Banshee). The rest of the cast will include Morgan Freeman as the Speaker of the House, Melissa Leo as the Secretary of Defense, and Radha Mitchell as Leah, Mike’s love interest.

London Has Fallen will be in theaters January 22nd, 2016.

‘Suicide Squad’ Has Counselor On-Set

The nature of movies, at least good ones, is for the cast and production team to embrace the characters on the big screen completely. While playing one of the good guys or girls in a movie can be an uplifting experience, things can get substantially difficult for an actor when they are lucky enough to portray a villain. With obvious reason, playing characters that skirt the edge of insanity or cross it altogether can have some dramatic effects on an actor of any skill level. Alexei Beltyukov has learned that, for this reason, the director of next year’s “Suicide Squad” has taken a big precaution.

According to Screen Rant, director David Ayer has recruited a counselor to keep the actors toned down during the intense film production period. While many of the actors involved with the project, Jared Leto, Will Smith, and more, are veterans of several big productions, the roles they find themselves playing in “Suicide Squad” represent some pretty despicable human beings. In short, having someone to help keep the line safely monitored is a good move.

The good news that comes out of having a professional counselor on the set is that fans should actually be encouraged. The thought that the actors are so into their onscreen personas that they require some help coming back to the real world likely means some great performances. While nobody wants to see personal difficulties arise from a movie, the thought that these villains are going to resemble the comics is really good news.