James Dondero-The Man With 3 Decades of Experience

On May 12, 2015, NXRT announced that two new board members were appointed. James Dondero and Arthur Laffer joined the board of directors. In a wise move, Mr. Dondero was appointed to be Chairman of the board while Mr. Laffer was appointed to be over the Compensation Committee. Dondero was chosen because he is the co-founder of NXRT and he has more than three decades of proven experience. His vast knowledge is coveted by many. By bringing such high-quality individuals onto the board, they will do nothing but add value and expertise.

Dondero has quite an eclectic resume. He is the president of NRXT and the president of Highland Capital Management and NextPoint Advisors. He is responsible for co-founding Highland Capital with his partner, Mark Okada, back in 1993. Highland is a prestigious group and they control around $21 billion in assets yearly. Because of the fact that Dondero has more than three decades of investing experience, he has helped pioneer new credit asset classes to help others.

Before he got into funding, Dondero was a CIO over Protective Life. He helped to grow the business from when it was just in the thought process to brining in revenues of over $2 billion in 1993. Though he was only there for 4 years, he made quite an impact. He has ample experience in mortgage-backed securities and preferred and common stocks. NexPoint Residential Trust uses the name NXRT on the New York Stock Exchange. They have their focus on acquiring and owning middle-income properties in larger cities. Their business is primarily in the Southeast and Southwest part of the country.

Dondero currently lives in the Dallas Texas area. This allows him to oversee all of Highland’s investment strategies and their operations. With his vast experience in credit marketing, he is one of the forerunners in the CLO or Collateralized Loan Obligation plan. He has received numerous accolades throughout his career. One award he received was in 2014 from Morningstar. He also received the Lipper Award in 2014 for floating rate opportunities.

During his school days, Dondero attended and graduated from the University of Virginia. His study was based on accounting and finance. He is classified as a CMA, or Certified Management Accountant and can use the CFA designation. It should also be noted that Dondero sits on the board for both American Banknote and MGM. He uses his time to serve on the board for Cornerstone Healthcare, CCS Medical Corp, and NexBank. Though his schedule is quite full, he gives back in as many ways as he can.

Highland Capitol is lucky to have such a talent man sitting at the head. He has been known as a business professional that has time for his employees and is never too busy to lend an ear. It’s amazing that he can fit everything in, yet he still managed to excel at whatever he puts his hands too. Perhaps this is why Dondero is such a role model for society and the business world in general.

How To Use Handy Home Cleaning Services

It’s a wise decision to hire Handy Home Cleaning Services, to make your home exceptionally clean and comfortable. The staff has thorough background checks, and years of experience in their respective fields. The cleaning professional will arrive with eco-friendly cleaning products, and their own equipment ready to get to work. If you preferred that the staff use your products, that’s okay. The company makes hiring them so convenient, you can order their services at the last minute, and have a cleaning professional on your doorstep the next day. The pricing is realistic. It’s easy to download their app, and select the services you need, and any extras the company provides. Customer service is available 24 hours, seven days a week. They have 37 locations where they can be contacted to serve your needs in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

You can schedule an appointment for one or two rooms or your entire home. The beauty of hiring a cleaning professional, is so you don’t have to do it yourself. Hiring a home cleaning service while you work at home, will eliminate time costly delays and missed deadlines. While you are working outside the home, the cleaning professional will follow your instructions and complete their tasks.

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Sergio Cortés Passion For The King Of Pop Evident In Imitation Act

Sergio Cortés was a young man with a burning passion. His great desire was to be a performer like his childhood hero, singer Michael Jackson, lead singer of the world-famous Jackson Five. At a very young age, Cortés began impersonating his favorite entertainer, and constantly watching him on television. At the age of five, he would watch early performances of the Jackson Five and began to imitate his favorite entertainer. He worked on performing to a tee Jackson’s various moves and styles, viewing tapes of the performer for hours on end.

Cortés did not know how that would change his life. His chance for fame came one day when he was walking down the street of his hometown, and he was spotted by a local photographer. The photographer was amazed at how much Cortés looked like the world-famous pop idol. The photographer stopped him in the street and asked him if he could take a photograph for him to be published in the newspaper later that week. Cortés obliged to be photographed, and the next day, the picture of Cortés imitating Jackson was published in the local paper.

Within a matter of days, Cortés became a local hero. He was sought after by many talent agencies and entertainment shows, all wanting to talk to him to ask him about his incredible resemblance to Michael Jackson. Soon, after weighing a number of offers from various sources, Cortés decided upon becoming a Michael Jackson impersonator professionally. He put together an entire show, and began performing as his favorite singer.

Now, years later, Cortés is well-known for his imitation, and is widely considered one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators in the world. He keeps in touch with his thousands of fans through his Facebook page which publishes various photographs of the performer imitating Michael Jackson. There are hundreds of photos on the fan page, spanning the entire history of the singer’s solo career, with an emphasis upon Michael Jackson’s “Bad” album years.

Now Cortés’s passion has become his life. He performs in impression shows, giving people a glimpse of what a Michael Jackson performance might have been like had they seen it for themselves. His greatest joy is to emulate the King of Pop so that fans from around the world can experience the same joy that he did watching Michael Jackson perform.

Why Does Greg Hague’s System Work?

Selling or buying a house is an extremely expensive process. Someone who want to sell or buy a home is in for a whirlwind of good faith money, checks for home inspections, commission checks for agents and endless waiting for sales to be approved. The 990 Company has taken out the hardest parts of the sale process on 990sellshomes.com to make life easier for all home shoppers. This article explains how the streamlined process at The 990 Company changes the landscape of home shopping.

#1: Why Is It Called The 990 Company?

The 990 Company charges only $990 to sell a home. People who list their homes on the site can sell their home for practically nothing, and the sellers walk away with profits. The typical commission for a selling agent is several thousand dollars, and some people will make a profit where they once had no money left over after selling their homes. The 990 Company has streamlined the process to a point that helps people get the process done as fast as possible.

#2: How Do People Buy Homes On The Site?

People who buy homes on the site can find every home with a complete description, sale price and the name of someone at The 990 Company will help with the purchase process. Offers are made on the site every day, and the sales agent on the other end of the line sets up the sale to ensure that both parties get a good deal. The deal is approved quickly, and both parties can complete the sale in a fraction of the time it takes in the real world.

#3: Sidestepping Greedy Agents

The 990 Company is sidestepping agents who charge massive commissions for very little work. A buyer likely already knows what they want, and the agent does not have to do much work to make thousands of dollars. The 990 Company does not waste time or money in the home sales process. Someone who lists their home on the site will sell their home in record time, and someone who purchases their home from the site will avoid all the machinations of the traditional agent/client relationship

#4: The Home Is Listed Everywhere

The 990 Company lists the houses everywhere possible, and the clients do not pay more money to have their homes listed properly. This is a much better solution for someone who does not have much money to spend, and it is easy to see who is looking at the house on the 990 website. The 990 Company has created a brand new market for selling homes that works in favor of the clients rather than the real estate agents who are making millions a year.

London Vacation Rentals for First Time Travelers

London vacations can be a lot of fun. It is a very appealing place to visit if you know the right spots for lodging. There are a plethora of rental spots all over the city, but some are better fits than others. It depends on where you will spend the majority of your time when you are in the city.

There are sites like LondonEscape that can help those find London vacation rentals. This is the perfect site because it provides a bird’s eye view of the city in terms of the rental property breakdowns. There are the London flats that may be available for rent. There are London short term apartments for those that are planning to spent more than a couple of days in London. There are even entire homes that are available for rent if visitors so desire to acquire these types of accommodations. LondonEscape provides access to a lot of these different vacation rental properties.

Travelers can take advantage of the delightful condos and apartments that are available in this city. There are some contemporary apartments in East and Central London that are good for visitors that may have multiple guests. Some of these apartments have 2 bedrooms and service kitchens. Vacationers may also take interest in the Queens Court near Kensington Gardens. If people are planning to visit this part of London they may have a desire to look into what is available here.

Others that may have a desire to check out Notting Hill may want to explore the Aldridge Road Villas. This is a great spot for vacationers that are interested in getting a spot near the Westbourne Park tube station. There are also some bars and restaurants within close range as well. This villa is within walking distance of Portobello Road, and this makes it one of the elite vacation sports for visitors.

People that make the decision to come to London for the first time will certainly want to visit the home of Princess Diana and the Tower of London. These are two of the top attractions in the city. People that are looking for lodging spots near tourist attractions will need to consider apartments in the Kensington district. Fortunately, there are a lot of rental spots near this area because there is so much tourism here. Notting Hill and Wembley are also popular.

Sergio Cortes The Incredible Impersonator Of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Famously known as the King of Pop has millions of fans across the globe. His fans love his music and also his styles. Just like many celebrities, he had quite a number of impersonators. His best impersonator goes by the name Sergio Cortes. He is originally from Spain, the city of Barcelona. Sergio started this act when he was a small boy when he found out that he resembled Michael Jackson physically and above that could sing and dance like him. As a teenager he started dressing like Michael Jackson and this earned him a lot of attention especially from the media people. The journalists started uploading his videos on social media of him mimicking the king of pop. This is how he came to the limelight.

After the video uploads, Sergio Cortes received many invitations by show organizers who wanted him to do his mimics. He then decided to start his own career in the entertainment industry. He has a great fan base back home in Brazil which is very supportive of him. Sergio is perfect in his work of impersonation. He can hit all the high notes just like Michael and has been able to redo Michael Jackson’s hit songs as well as the choreography.

Sergio came into full force immediately after the devastating loss of Michael Jackson. He made this decision in order to keep the memories of Michael Jackson alive in the hearts of his fans. He is a hardworking person who is determined to keep his career growing and also host shows all over the world to entertain the fans of the late king of pop. In South America, Sergio has been able to perform all the songs of Michael Jackson. He even went ahead to pay a tribute to the late king by hosting a show in Madrid. In his shows, Sergio perfectly complements the dressing style and personality of Michael Jackson therefore keeping his legacy alive.

Cortes has become famous over the years. This has been able to earn the talented and energetic entertainer massive likes on his Facebook page. Though Sergio and Michael never met, it is clear that Sergio completely loved and adored Jackson and would have wished to have met him. All in all, Sergio should start touring the world in order to entertain all those who loved Michael Jackson since he is the only one who can reproduce the true Michael Jackson.

Yeonmi Park-Dancing In The Darkness

It’s often through the most horrific of circumstances that a story of hope and faith emerges. Ask any songwriter or poet and they will tell you that during the lowest times of their lives they can often write or produce the best music. The same can be said about Yeonmi Park. She is a public speaker on The Guardain and now author who tells her heroic tales of escaping one of the darkest worlds that exists. Human trafficking is a dark and dangerous world that seeks out women and young children for sexual favors. While sexual slavery is the most common form, there are other forms as well. Men are also bought and sold for their ability to perform hard labor. It’s a world that is more horrifying than any scary movie and more deadly than anything anyone could imagine.

The United States is one of the biggest areas for human trafficking. Girls pose as dancers and are usually a cover for underage sex rings. These girls are often starved to maintain a certain weight and given drugs to make them submissive. There’s no release from this world, as those that are behind the rings will kill to ensure they get the money from the sexual acts. Park found herself in this situation when she and her mother went looking for her sister across the border into China. Being in the country of North Korea, sexual slavery and human trafficking is very common. The regime here does little to protect women and children. China is no better. They thought that they would be getting away from the tough government system; however, what they found couldn’t have been anything but a nightmare.

As a young child, Park endured many things. She was beaten, starved and asked to preform sexual acts on numerous men. She watched her mother being raped when she volunteered to sacrifice herself to be taken rather than her daughter. They learned to distrust men. Separated from her father, Park was miserable until someone offered to help her escape. A man that helped her was also one who bought and sold slaves. He helped both her and her mother escape through a desert in the middle of the night. There were several people that escaped that day, but for Park it was a day of liberty and one she will never forget.

She was just 14 years old when she made that trek across the desert, but much has changed since that day. Today, she is not defined by what happened in the past, but rather used it as a stepping stone into the future. Park speaks at colleges and several other venues around the world exposing the dark underworld that held her captive for so long. She talks about the North Korean government and how they turn a blind eye to such acts. Park and her sister and mother got out alive, but that is not always the case for others. Her new book tells the tale of a young girl with a strong will to live and the ability to outsmart her captors.


Yeonmi park is a brave 21 year old North Korean immigrant with a tormented early childhood. She was born in a town near the North Korea-Chinese border under the repressive and totalitarian regime of Kim Jong-il. Ms. Her story was initially reported on guestofaguest.com. Ms. Park grew up at a time of great misery and disaster for the People of North Korea. She got accustomed to disease, death and despair all around her.

Yeonmi recounts how her family, just like other citizens, were denied access to food and water. She narrates how she was brainwashed by the lie that the country’s supreme leader coulde read her mind. Her father had to deal in the black market business to provide for his family. This led to his arrest, torture and his family was given the treatment of criminals and outcasts.

Life was brutal and unbearable in North Korea. At the age of 13 years Yeonmi and her protective mother had to flee the country. They were smuggled into China where things unexpectedly got worse. She lost her sister and her smugglers turned predators wanting to rape her. She was saved by her mother who volunteered to take her place. She narrates the shell shocking experience to detail. At some point she had to bury her dead father in the thick of the night, doing so in stealth to avoid detection. There was also the possibility of repartriation back to China by unfriendly Chinese authorities. They had to flee again, this time to South Korea.

Park recently launched her book; In Order to Live, in which she shares her life experience. She acknowledges the impact her family had in helping her get through the tough times. Her comparison of North Korea and the rest of the free world reveals striking differences. In her homeland, the media is state-owned, protecting the image and interests of the oppressive authorities.

Her exposure to the rest of the world has helped her develop a new sense of purpose and concern for others. She studies criminal justice. Yeonmi has become a global human rights and freedoms ambassador. In her speech at the One Young World summit in Dublin Ireland, she pleaded with the world to join her in addressing the plight of the North Korean people.

Park’s horror story has vilified the assertion that strongest force of nature is human resilience. Few human beings would be able to go through the kind of life she had and live to tell the story. She has now made it her core mission to shed light on a place she considers the darkest in the world. Yeonmi feels its important she shares her story with the rest of the world. She does so with eloquence and a great deal of emotional pain. Her efforts are paying off. Yeonmi is increasingly getting platforms to speak to the world. Earlier in the year she had a meeting with Hillary Clinton at the Women in the World summit.

For more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufhKWfPSQOw

Sergio Cortes Embodies The Spirit of MJ

Anyone that wants to see a mind blowing performance of Michael Jackson should look no further than Sergio Cortes. He has the moves and the looks down to a science. Anyone that is trying to find someone better is just wasting their time. There are no better performances in the business of impersonating the King of Pop. In fact, there are few MJ impersonators that are even half as good as Sergio Cortes. He is the impersonator that others are going to bow down to. He is the one to watch. People that aspire to be like Michael Jackson can simply watch Sergio Cortes on the stage. He is giving the lessons for all new MJ impersonators because he has studied and emulated Michael for years.

Just about anyone that you encounter will have a Michael Jackson song that they can hum and dance to. Most people can even do a signature move or two. Many enthusiasts will attempt the moonwalk; some will actually be successful. He was the legendary performer that everyone seems to desire to imitate to some extent. Sergio is much more than the common impersonator though. He knows more than one or two Michael Jackson songs. He has a creative show that sparks attention to the moves that Michael did on stage in his prime. Sergio is 44, but he creates the image of a Jackson that was younger than the 50 year old Jackson that was planning to make Las Vegas home. For this reason some people have even said that Sergio could give Michael Jackson a run for his money if Jackson were alive.

The performance is so realistic that most people get drawn into this world. They are well aware that Michael Jackson is deceased. This does not, however, stop them from thinking that they are looking at MJ perform. This is how Sergio Cortes gets fans caught up. He has the costumes and the looks. He performs so well that people lose sight of reality. Cortes is a stunning performer that has managed to create a fan base. He is on tour, and he doesn’t have day job. This is how he makes his living. He has formed a world of Michael Jackson impersonating that has given him a livelihood. Cortes does his best to bring out the best Jackson routines every time that his steps on to the stage to perform.

The Man In The Mirror: Sergio Cortes

The world mourned the loss of the “king of pop”, Michael Jackson, in June of 2009, but his memory and his music continue to live on through the talents of extraordinary impersonator, Sergio Cortes. Dedicated fans from all over South America travel to Barcelona, Spain and throughout all of Brazil in order to experience a near identical recreation of Michael Jackson’s unbelievable abilities through the impersonation performance of Sergio Cortes.

Let us first briefly explore the callibre of entertainer Cortes has chosen to emulate. Michael Jackson had albums inducted into the GRAMMY Hall of Fame, one of which was Thriller–arguably Michael’s most successful and well-known album. He won eight GRAMMY’s in one night at the GRAMMY Awards in 1984 and later won the Legend Award in 1993. Jackson is featured on the Hollywood Walk of Fame twice in the same catagory, once for his solo career and another for his career with The Jackson Five. He was an icon that had Top 10 Billboard hits in five different decades. Michael Jackson is no easy artist to impersonate. But if anyone is qualified for the task, it’s Sergio Cortes.

Cortes bears a remarkably striking physical resemblance to the king of pop. So much so, in fact, that it has been commented that the two would be mistaken for each other if Jackson were still alive. Not only is Sergio able look like Michael Jackson, he is able to sound amazingly similar to him, as well. He dedicated his career to finding a way to be able to perfectly imitate Jackson’s look, sound, and choreography. He has performed nearly every Michael Jackson song over the course of his impersonation career and has even recreated some of Michael’s music videos, including Smooth Criminal and Thriller. Sergio is currently an employee of an artistic development and management company called Destiny Projects and hosted a tribute show in Madrid in 2012.

The meticulous effort of Sergio Cortes and his dedication to accuracy and authenticity have helped him win the hearts of Michael Jackson fans young and old. His hard work and natural talents have made him an almost perfect reflection of an iconic artist loved the world over.