Dealing With Attacks On Your Business, Product Or Service

In the business world of today we need to be very careful of the kinds of choices we make. Every step of the process must be scrutinized as best as possible to ensure that customers remain loyal and are satisfied with the product or service that they pay hard earned money for. Even when we ensure all these factors there is always a chance that negative gossip or false information is spread by people who are jealous of the success of the business, product or service.

Negativity or harmful content can come about through simple irrational thinking by the customer. It is often unavoidable and must be dealt with as this left unturned will spread the negativity to those customers who have been unaffected up until then. There are a number of guidelines that ensure the negativity is handled correctly and in a way that does not effect the business further. These are important steps to consider as the first reaction of any person would be to attack those who are attacking you and your business directly. This is not recommended and could lead to further negativity surrounding you and your business. Best is to ignore it. Also make sure to put your customer at ease when it comes to business continuing as normal. Provide the same service or a higher one to keep customers coming back. Add more value to your product or service lineup as this will keep customers committed to you. Every storm is weathered best with a partner therefore find help from those with experience in the matter, companies like help clean up your online reputation and show your business in its best light.

As a business owner it is important to keep the eye on the horizon and the very reason the business was launched in the first place. In this way you will remain fueled up and striving towards further success. It is important to not be deterred by those around you who do not add value to you. can add further value to your business.

Billionaire Investor George Soros Thinks Investing Gold Is The Safest Bet In 2016

In 2011, the price of an ounce of gold was $1,900 an ounce. Then gold prices started to drop, and by 2015 gold was trading for less than $1,100 an ounce. Then something interesting happened. In the first quarter of 2016 gold prices increased by 20 percent and a gold fever developed among investors. Investors like the famous billionaire George Soros and Paul Singer began buying gold. Countries started buying more gold, and now investors around the world are bitten by the gold bug, and it looks like this type of yellow fever could send gold prices past $1,900 an ounce this year. Some investors believe gold will be trading for more than $2,000 an ounce by the end of 2016.

There are several reasons for the resurgence of gold. Billionaire hedge fund investor George Soros thinks that there is a global recession brewing, and it’s about to boil over in 2016. Soros has not been trading as much as he has in the past. But according to an article posted by the Wall Street Journal, Soros is back in action again, and his main investment target is gold. Soros is not dumping all his stocks and replacing them with gold, but his hedge fund, the Soros Management Fund, sold more than 37 percent of its stock holding recently and bought 19 million shares of the giant precious metal miner Barrick Gold. Barrick Gold’s stock gained 44 percent after the Soros investment.

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Here’s How George Soros’s Latest Predictions Have Played Out

When George Soros makes a move in the investment market, the industry usually follows him. Soros is best known for his ballsy 1992 bet that the UK would have to devalue the pound sterling. The Soros fund made more than $7 billion when the pound was devalued, and Soros picked up a cool $1.4 billion in commissions just on that trade. That’s how Soros rolls. He is not afraid to bet big and then win big. Thanks to his ability to see into the economic future of companies and countries around the world Soros in now worth more than $24 billion, and his family hedge fund manages more than $30 billion in assets. If his theory about gold is right, Soros could add billions more to his net worth in a matter of months not years.

The threat of a global recession is not new news. Soros has been talking about a devastating world recession for the last four years. China is the main culprit in instigating this new economic meltdown. But Europe is playing a role in a worldwide economic downturn as well. Stock markets around the world are not producing what investors expect. Corporate profits continue to decline, and the Federal Reserve is holding interest rates where they are. The signs of a major economic slump are everywhere, and owning gold is the smart investment when those signs appear.

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Beneful Has a Nutritious Variety of Products

Beneful is a brand by Nestle PurinaStore that has instant name recognition for folks across the globe. That’s because their products are readily available on grocery store and pet store shelves. People love Beneful because not only are their products beneficial to their pets, there is also a large variety of products. Every owner and every pet are sure to find the right type of food for their family.
Beneful makes a large variety of dry and wet types of pet food. They also have a line of treats. One of the most popular Beneful products is the Beneful Originals with real beef. That product has become so popular among Amazon customers because it is filled with powerful and nutritional ingredients that dogs need in order to thrive! Ingredients like beef, peas, and carrots help to provide a dog with the nutrition that it needs.

Beneful also has Beneful originals with salmon which is just what a dog needs to keep its brain sharp! The salmon flavored product contains real salmon and real accents of vegetables in order to provide a pup with the nutrition that they need.

Beneful also has a line of wet food products [] which includes their incredibites line. The incredibites line comes in different flavors to suit your pooches need. These are flavors like chicken and beef. Real vegetables and wild rice make it a delicious and nutritious treat. The incredibites are filled with the good proteins that your pet needs.

Beneful also has a line of treats. The healthy smile dental ridges make both dogs and their owners happy. That’s because these treats are a great way for an owner to praise their dog for doing something good! The dog loves the taste and therefore will be better behaved and do more tricks.

Overall, Beneful truly understands what is important in a dog food. That’s why they’ve seen so much success in all of their products. They make sure that dogs can reach their maximum health through food.


Fabletics Marie Claire

Fabletics is an athleisure company that was founded by Don Ressler,Adam Goldenberg, and Kate Hudson in October 2013. By January 2015, a little more than a year after opening, more than one million orders had been shipped.

Fabletics offers trendy designed, extremely comfortable active wear for women. This line includes pants, tank tops, tees, sports bras, and most recently dresses and swimsuits. The best part of the Fabletics athleisure outfits is that they are meant to be worn anywhere. You can wear the same outfit for an exercise workout, in the office, out with friends, lounging around the house, and yes even out on the town for date night.

Fabletics is a uniquely innovative company in that you do not even need to leave your couch to shop for their clothing. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can join their VIP membership and receive a new, hand-picked-for-you outfit every month. If you elect not to receive an outfit one month, not a problem. Outfits start at $49.95/month, but if you hurry and join today, you can receive your first outfit for as low as $25.00.

On March 29, 2016, Marie Claire author Mehara Bonner met up with Kate Hudson, co-founder of Fabletics, to discuss the latest addition to her athleisure wear line at Starting mid-April, dresses and swimwear became available to everyone.

In this interview, Kate Hudson explained her athleisure outfits can be worn anywhere; from the office to date night. The new line of comfortable dresses are made from the same materials as the athleisure outfits you wear for exercise workouts and help to suck you in, so you look and feel great. The swimsuit line of Fabletics was created with the active woman in mind, to enhance performance without losing the femininity of the swimsuit. This line of athleisure wear has been created to help women be fit and healthy for half the price by direct selling to the consumer. To read the entire interview, click on this link:

Two Major Airlines Cancel Service to Venezuela

During the U. S. Memorial Day weekend holiday, residents of Venezuela received news that two major airlines would no longer conduct regular flights into Caracas. Many analysts attributed the change in air flight schedules to worsening economic conditions within Venezuela.
On Sunday, the large German airline Lufthansa reported that it would cease flights into Venezuela as of the 17th of June, 2016. Then on Monday, LATAM Airlines, a prominent carrier in many parts of Latin America, announced that it would cease flights from Sao Paulo, Brazil into Venenzuela. LATAM also indicated that the company anticipated ending flights from two cities in additional South American nations by August. The firm anticipates suspending service from Santiago, Chile and Lima Peru to Caracas until Venezuela enjoys a rebound in the demand for tickets.

Lufthansa’s spokesman Danilo Diaz Granados explained that Venezuela owes the airline millions of dollars in funds from ticket revenue. Additionally, the company has encountered both a significant drop in demand for tickets from business passengers and difficulty obtaining conversions of monies into Venezuelan currency. LATAM announced that the suspension of its flights would continue “indefinitely“.

My Space reports indicated that Venezuela has used its supply of foreign currency recently to pay for essential items, such as industrial machinery and medicinal supplies. This situation may account in part for the difficulty of airlines in obtaining monies owed to airlines.