What Online Reputation Management is And Why it Matters to Hotels

Online reputation management is something most people have heard of, but they may not know what it means or why it is becoming so important. Businesses need to be aware of their online reputation, because most people make their decisions about what businesses to use based on information that they find online. That’s where online reputation management comes in. This is particularly true for hotels and other businesses in the travel and hospitality industry.
According to a recent news article on Hospitality Net, Trip advisor states that over 90% of hotel owners consider online reviews and other online information key to thier success. This makes sense, because travlers do not always have past experiences to rely on when making their decision. That’s why online reputation management is key to a hotel’s abiltity to stay in business and fill rooms.

Online reputation management uses online resources to help make sure that positive information comes up first when potential customers search for you or your company. They will help highlight positive reviews and make sure that damaging information, particularly information that is false or misleading is taken off the internet. If they can not get bad reviews removed they will do everything they can to make sure that this information is outshined by postive information.

An online reputation managment firm does the same job that a PR firm does for a business or celebrity, but online. In this day and age, having a good reputation online is just as important, if not more important than having a good real life reputation.

In the hotel and travel industry, the numbers speak for themselves.Over 65% of travelers plan and research their trips online before then begin booking there holidays. For many of these people this is before they even know where they are going. Having a great reputation online is a key part of making sure that this research leads them to your hotel. Once they start planning thier trip, around 75% use the internet to start planning their trip, including booking their hotels. When it comes down to choosing a hotel, 35% say that positive online reviews help them choose a hotel.

All of these makes it clear that online reputation managment is key for hotels to survive in this very competative industry.


The Life of Michael Zomber as Writer and a Historian

Michael Zomber is a man of many talents. He has ventured in several fields that go along with his unwavering interests as a writer and an antique collector. Having attained a bachelor’s degree in English literature and psychology from the University of Illinois in addition to a master’s degree in English literature at UCLA, Mr. Zomber has garnered enough skills that have helped him achieve success in his career choice as both a writer and a historian.

He has made some ground-breaking appearances in the writing platform having produced major novels like A Child of the Civil War novel, Soul of the Samurai and the Shogun Iemitsu. These pieces of literature found audiences far and wide around the globe for their authentic depiction of the samurai in Japanese culture. The novel is available in flagship stores in the world such as Amazon. Jesus and The Samurai is also one of his famous works in the non-fiction genre. His authoritative knowledge of the samurai culture has influenced him to collect the antique samurai collection among his other collections of the ancient history. He has chronicled them in his writings about the Samurai swords.

In addition to the novels, Mr. Zomber’s appearances have also been appreciated in several scripts. Inspired by the passion to preserve the past and invaluable cultures, he has associated with many great minds to protect his deep interest in history and also expand his knowledge in these fields. As a producer, Michael has helped come up with unique characters and script borrowing intimately from cultures such as the Japanese culture which has been quite complicated for most people.

As a collector, Michael Zomber also ventured in the gun collection and weaponry where he was recognized and became the guest historian for most American Tales of the Gun series. He has acquired explicit knowledge on the revolution of guns driven by his passion for them. Mr. Zomber has joined humanitarian organizations advocating for world peace such as UNICEF and Doctors without Borders.

Besides putting his focus on his career, Michael Zomber also has a family of a wife and two kids and lives in the outskirts of Philadelphia. This displays his sense of responsibility for being able to balance family life as well as the dynamic and demanding world of literature.