Tech Wiz Billy McFarland Has A Hot Social Club Concept

When Billy McFarland was 13, he decided to start a company. Billy is one of those Millennials that came into the world with tech skills that were set to explode before he reached elementary school.

Billy McFarland waited until he was in middle school before he showed his raw technical talent. Billy was born to be an entrepreneur. And, at the ripe old age of 24, Billy is shaking up the social scene with his private club concept called Magnises.

Magnises is actually Billy’s third business venture. He started Spling when he was 20-years-old. McFarland dropped out of Bucknell University, so he could devote all his time to his online ad platform, Spling. Spling is one of those words that can’t be found in Webster’s dictionary.

Spling is not a new word, however. It means “laugh out loud,” according to the Urban Dictionary. Young Brits in London use it when they want to scribble graffiti on parking signs in London. McFarland decided to call his company Spling, for no other reason than to send a message to the world. That message is, Millennials are changing the way business is conducted.

Billy is originally from Short Hills, New Jersey. Short Hills is a bedroom community just over the New Jersey/New York City border. When McFarland came up with the Spling concept, he opened an office in Philadelphia.

He moved the home office to New York City before he started Magnises in 2013. Magnises, is another one of those words that has no dictionary meaning and that’s okay with McFarland.

Billy is developing his own meaning for the word, by providing memberships for Millennials in New York, Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. For a $250 membership fee, upscale Millennials are treated like royalty in clubs, restaurants and at special events in those cities. Members also have access to McFarland’s West Village townhouse. McFarland hosts art shows, dinners, and other cool social gatherings at the West Village townhouse.

Magnises is a unique social club concept because McFarland is a unique Millennial. Billy understands the importance of giving members their own black membership card. That card opens doors that were closed to them before. Magnises is a hot social club concept, and Billy McFarland is on fire in the business world.

Handy, The Best Home Cleaning Service Provider

Getting a reliable home cleaning service provider can be a challenge. Customers always look for service providers whom they can trust with their houses and home a company with a good structure and well-trained professionals. If you are one of such people who is getting a challenge in getting a home cleaner, then consider hiring Handy. Here are the different sides of Handy that will answer your questions.

About Handy

Handy was started in the year 2012 by Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan. It was known as Handbook before changing the name to The proprietors were after making the services available to customers by downloading the Handy mobile app in their phones and placing the order. They are unique because you can do everything entirely on your cell phone and then wait for the professional cleaners or handymen to come and do the work for you as per the agreement. The clients are always sure of getting the value of their money; then the customer can claim their money back.

Services Offered By Handy

Home Cleaning and Repair

There are professional home cleaners who will take care of your home all round. Your apartment will be sparkling in few a minutes. The cleaning services will be available to you soon after placing your order.

Home Repair and Maintenance

The following are home repair and maintenance of the services that Handy offers.

Hanging pictures and Shelves

There are professionals in interior decor who will do all the hanging of shelves, mirrors, and pictures for you.

Interior Painting

Have the interior of your house painted with the paint that you prefer most or the one that the expert will advise. You will pay the paint, and the painter will provide all the necessary tools and do the rest of the work.

Furniture Assembly and Purchase and Moving

Some stores will just sell for you the furniture then leave the rest of the work for you to do, from transportation to assembly. Handy has handymen who will do all that for you. You can trust Handy to pack your luggage for you and do all loading and lifting; this service is available only for the local relocation.

TV Mountain

Handy professionals are capable of mounting a TV of any size and doing the necessary installation in a short time.

Handy has all that it takes to be trusted by the customers. All its services are provided by professionals to ensure that you get the best services.


EOS: Big Dreams, Even Bigger Profits

For the company Evolution of Smooth, the past few years have been a blessing. With an already over-saturated market that’s full of lip care products, how could this small, new company compete with the fan favorites. Evolution of Smooth looked at the situation in a logical and decided to sell their fruity lip balms to a specific market. Generally speaking, most lip balms are used by females than males. Males do use the products, but to a much smaller extent. Evolution of Smooth decided to produce the products in colorful displays and fruity flavors, which most other brands weren’t doing. Once the brand hit the shelves of Walgreens it became one of the store’s best sellers. With that success, (EOS) now had products on the shelves of Target and Wal-Mart ( Three of the biggest chain stores in the world was selling the lip balms and making the company a lot of money. The brand can now also be purchased online thru Luckyvitamin and Ulta.

ESO Lip Balm became a sensation once celebrities started using the products. Singer Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears featured the colorful lip balms in their music videos while Kim Kardashian and Christina Aguilera was spotted in public with the pastel colored orbs. The brand had now reached celebrity status and began to appear on pop culture magazine covers and within it’s pages. Evolution of Smooth sells about $1 Million lip balms per week and is now the second best selling lip balm on the market today.

This brand has it all and one of the best features of it is the high quality ingredients. Being made from organic ingredients, these lip balms are much healthier than those made of chemical fillers. With vitamin e, vitamin c, and antioxidants blended in, your mouth will receive doses of healing agents that moistens and energizes the lips. With such huge success, the brand is expected to be selling $2 Million per week by the year 2020.