Eric Lefkofsky, a Man Who Uses Passion to Stay Ahead

An American billionaire, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Eric Lefkofsky is the man behind Tempus, Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, Uptake, and Lightbank. He co-founded all these companies while retaining the position of CEO at Tempus and chairperson at Groupon. Among all his ventures, Groupon proved to be the most successful with Google offering $6 billion in 2010 in a takeover bid. However, the non-materializing of the deal steered the company on an IPO path that led to it raising $700 million. Throughout his busy life in founding the companies above since in 1999, Tempus was his last brainchild and was founded in 2016 after his exit from the CEO position at Groupon.


One would argue that Eric Lefkofsky’s education background in Doctorate studies in Jurisprudence at the Michigan University or his degree in science from the same institution could be behind his abilities in the entrepreneurial world. However what is not in doubt is his passion for taking up new challenges. His passion has seen him enjoy the 374th position on Forbes 400 list of wealthy individuals with the site quoting his net worth at $1.9 billion.  Click to learn additional info about him.


Tempus, the company in which he is the CEO, is a technology company that provides an avenue for personalized cancer treatment by physicians. In a nutshell, the company combines science data and technology in its quest to find treatments for cancer patients. The company projects a service output of 5,000 patients annually on its treatment program. offers interesting facts about him..


Outside the boundaries of his work schedule, Eric has carved out a philanthropic life for himself. He has funded initiatives in medicine, education, arts, human rights, and culture. 2006 marked the start in his life in philanthropic works. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation became a reality with a mission to improve the lives of the community through focused programs and initiatives. In his continued efforts in community works, Eric Lefkofsky serves on the Board of Directors at the Chicago’s Children’s Memorial Hospital, The Chicago Art Institute, The Museum of Industry and Science as well as the Chicago World Business.


Eric Lefkofsky clearly demonstrates that passion is key to achieving one’s dreams, causing change and improving lives.

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Alexandre Gama – A Successful Career in Communications and Advertisement

Alexandre Gama is a business entrepreneur based in Brazil. He was born on June 1, 1958. Besides working as an entrepreneur, he is also a creative professional in the advertisement and communications industry. For this reason, he has developed high-end career advancements and experience in entrepreneurship. Alexandre Gama is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Neogama Company as one of the largest advertisers in the country.

Alexandre Gama is also recognized as the first person in the country to lead a network of global agencies as the Chief Creative Officer of the Global Agency. This is a British-based company that works as a network of businesses in the advertisement and creative industry. He has also got the rarest opportunity to become a member of the Grupo Public, global Creative and Advertisement Board. This is a group of members in a committee made of numerous leaders of the global company.

Alexandre Gama has a bachelor’s degree from the Fundacao Penteado Foundation University in Communication and Advertisement. In 1982, his career advanced and started as one of the highest profiles in this business. He began by working as a creative copywriter for the Standard Ogilvy Company in Brazil. Since then, he has held numerous positions in this industry for different companies.

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The Influential Entrepreneur Bruce Levenson

The former General Manager of the Atlanta Hawks Basketball Entertainment Basketball LLC Danny Ferry mentioned that they have a filed a lawsuit against New Hampshire Insurance Company for breach of contract. Atlanta Hawks Basketball Entertainment is a former ownership group of NBA Franchise. The current Chief of AHBE Tony Ressler (see, is not included in the Lawsuit.

Atlanta Hawks Basketball Entertainment filed the lawsuit on September 13th in the Superior Court of Fulton County against Hampshire Insurance also known as AIG. The lawsuit was described as insurance bad faith and a civil breach of action. The AHBE said that it was insured under a policy for coverage for assured losses associated with service practices that included but was not partial to certain acts of “Wrongful Termination” and “Workplace Torts.” The court documents reported that AHBE gave notice to AIG on 2nd April for the claims that they believed were covered and were affirmed by Ferry.

According to the documents presented by the court, it stated that the own limits of the obligation claimed by AHBE were enough to pay AHBE claims. In the Lawsuit, it said that the insurance company has refused to admit the claims and also denied that policy had been prompted. The lawsuit also stated that AIG has declined to take part in the defense of the claims made or even admit coverage. In the lawsuit, Atlanta Hawks Basketball Entertainment is also seeking to be paid by AIG to compensate for the Attorney fee and the unpaid losses.

Bruce Levenson is a renowned entrepreneur; he is the co- founder of and partner at United Communication Group which was established in 1977. Bruce is also the owner of Atlanta Spirit LLC. Mr. Bruce is a go-getter and apart from founding companies, he has also worked as a writer for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. Bruce has also served in several posts such as a Director at, and Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association. He is not only a businessman but he is also involved in humanitarian activities, and he is also a philanthropist. He is the president of “I Have a Dream Foundation” of Washington. He is a holder of Bachelors of Arts Degree from Washington University and a J.D from American University.

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Talk Fusion Takes Home Award for their Innovative Video Chat Solution

Every year products that facilitate video, data, or voice communications that are exceptional within their class are honored with the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Awards. The honor goes to recipients that have changed the marked over the last year and in 2016 Talk Fusion was proud to take home the award.


The awards are represented by the Technology Marketing Corporation, and in 2016 Talk Fusion was able to take home their second award from the TC due to its prestigious win as a product of the year. CEO of TMC, Rich Tehrani, stated each honoree is an example of the best solutions and products that are out there in the marketplace. He added that each honoree such as Talk Fusion is a true leader.


TalkFusion allows people to talk face to face to anyone via the Talk Fusion Video Chat from any location and on any type of device. The video chat is easily downloaded from Google Play and iTunes stores and is known for its astounding cross-communication performance. This amazing functionality is enabled by WebRTC technology and according to CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, just the beginning of what the company hopes to create.


Reina went on to say that the IT team at Talk Fusion has big plans for how they will continue to improve and enhance the All-In-One Video Marketing Solution. He explained that the IT team is working hard to make sure they are always at the front of the technology curve because that is the essence of Talk Fusion.


Ryan Page, the Chief Technical Officer for Talk Fusion, stated that winning the award is confirmation of the fact that Talk Fusion has remained an innovative team. He explained that their processes are invaluable and that is how they are able to create an application that just performs at this level.


Talk Fusion is pretty new to the industry as it just launched in 2007 and in just a decade is already home to the first all in one Video Marketing Solution that is crossing barriers left and right. The goal of Talk Fusion is help businesses stand out from competition by keeping customers satisfied via dynamic marketing materials.

The Traveling Vineyard – A Service Unlike Any Other

For a service unlike any other, consider The Traveling Vineyard. It offers a timely at-home wine delivery as well as free event tastings. The Traveling Vineyard also provides a number of door-to-door sales or work-from-home opportunities with bonuses and commissions for those looking for either a full-time or part-time source of additional funds. The harder that you work, the more money you will make. It is all possible with connections, dedication, humility and a consistent record of solid sales. The sale of fine wines is no easy task in today’s age; it requires an extra level of charm, passion, wine knowledge, excellence and flair.

“Since our first free home wine tasting in November 2001, we’ve seen our independent Wine Guides achieve amazing things, both for themselves and the countless people they’ve guided through evenings of fun, friendship, and flavorful wine. The home-based business model gives our Guides the power…” (Source:

Social Media, Anyone?

The amount of social media success, and its overall feedback alone, more than speaks for itself. The main website page is not the only one attracting potential customers, business partners, home sellers and employees. The Facebook page is even more popular. It has over 500 photos and videos, 33,000 likes and 33,500 followers. New posts are issued on the timeline every day, and no post is ever without a comment, like, or share in return from a loyal fan or new follower.

The Traveling Vineyard’s official Twitter page holds over 2,000 followers and 200 following marks. Nearly 2,000 tweets and 196 likes also add to the widespread awareness of this unique business and all that it represents and promises to sell. The Traveling Vineyard’s Instagram account has over 300 posts since 2010, over 3,000 followers and 50 following marks. It also offers a useful cross-referencing link for accessing the Facebook page from its page with no less than a simple click of the mouse. All of The Traveling Vineyard’s social media pages have at least one link that may direct viewers to another of the company’s pages.

Pinterest Page

The Traveling Vineyard’s Pinterest page makes over a thousand unique pins available to viewers and followers new and old. It also has nearly 100 likes and 30 discussion boards, along with 3,800 followers and 98 following marks. More is promised to come very soon.

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Capital Group’s Take On Critical Investment Matters

The present chairperson of the Capital Group is known as Timothy Armour. He is also a director, chairman, and principal executive of the Capital Research and Management Company.

Mr. Armor has been managing equity portfolios for the clients of the firm. He started his career by working for the company and has served it for over 33 years. His first job at the enterprise was in 1983, and he worked at its associate program. Another role that he held was serving as its Equity Investment Analyst whereby he was in charge of U.S based companies and international telecommunications. He is an alumnus of the Middlebury College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

In 2017, Timothy will be working on various investment themes and believes that the year will be successful. Some of the critical areas that he will be focusing on include interest rates. Fed increased the rates two times in the past year. He will also be addressing matters that deal with corporate earnings, which are significantly influenced by the growth of the global domestic product inside and outside the United States. According to forecasts, the country might have a rapid worldwide growth, and it will be clearly reflected in the corporate earnings. Mr. Armor will deal with the deviation of the economic growth inside the United States and of the regions of the globe. Japan and various parts of Europe have been affected by different issues, but they have been recovering in the recent times. The economic growth of all regions of the globe has to be fast for corporate earnings to be notable.

Armour will be having various investment meetings this year, and he will be talking much about the impact of the rise in interest rates. He will focus on industries and enterprises that will make profits or losses and chances of inflation occurring. Various internationally operating monetary organizations are interested in inflating the system. The primary beneficiaries of such a situation are firms that have an excellent pricing power and commodity-oriented businesses. These are the current pressing issues in the sector.

The investment firm and Samsung Asset Management recently established a productive partnership. The affiliation of the two enterprises will be beneficial in the formation of real investment programs that will benefit Korean retail and organizational investors. Tim believes that efforts of the two organizations offer methods that deal with savings, insurance, and retirement.


Fabletics Is Changing the Way Women Buy Apparel Online

What would you think if you could get a top quality sports apparel set for $25 with free shipping? Would you jump all over this deal? Chances are you are just like many other women who have discovered the amazing deals to be had at Fabletics. Forget about spending over a hundred dollars for a top quality set of yoga pants, now you have access to the latest releases, lowest prices, and free shipping right to your door.


How does Fabletics work? The beauty of this company is that they make it easy for anyone to have access to all this sports apparel at your fingertips. Visit the website and make your first purchase, instead of the $100+ price tag, it is delivered to your door for $25 including shipping. To take advantage of these prices in the future, you only need visit the site again and register to become a VIP member.


So what is a VIP member? Visit Fabletics and take a short Lifestyle Quiz, once completed you are enrolled as a VIP member and from here out, all your purchases are marked down to under $50. VIP members get free shipping on all orders, and the staff at Fabletics will hand pick different pieces of sports apparel based on your quiz answers for your consideration each month. This is like having your own personal shopper looking out for you each month.


Here is the buzz about Fabletics around the internet:


A reviewer named Tami on Trust Pilot says, ” I can now get all my workout apparel for a fraction of what I was paying at the mall. Best part is that my selections made for me already, and one I am at the Fabletics site I can approve, cancel, or select something different. I love the face Kate Hudson is the co-founder, gives the site even more credibility.”


Sheila from the Krazy Coupon Lady site says, “Although the team selects my outfits each month, nothing ever ships without my approval first. Some months I just hit the pass this month button and come back next month to shop again. Never any pressure here!”


A Foodie Stays Fit reviewer commented, “Every order I have placed since becoming a VIP shipped for free. That saved me over $100 already this year, not to mention the huge drop in prices I paid for my three-piece sports outfits. Huge selection, low prices, and free shipping, everything a woman could want in a shopping experience”.

Simple Ways To Care For Your Hair

There are many ways to care for your hair and make it healthier as well as shinier looking. Many different things affect the health of your hair so being sure to have a good hair care routine is a great way to ensure it is always it’s healthiest and looking it’s best. These are just a few simple ways to make sure the hair is always at its healthiest and shiniest.

One of the first tips to having healthier hair is to not over wash it. Over washing the hair can strip it of essential oils and cause it to look dull and lifeless. Instead try only washing the hair a few times a week. This will ensure you are not stripping the hair of its natural oils.

Another great tip for having healthier hair is to have a diet that is full of fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables offer tons of healthy nutrients that help the hair to grow. Many of the vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables can also make hair look shinier and feel softer.

Avoid using harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals such as sulfates can strip the hair of the essential oils it needs to remain soft and healthy. Using products such as the cleansing conditioner from WEN by Chaz is a great way to cleanse the hair while also conditioning it. Wen is a hair care system that was created by Chaz Dean ( over 15 years ago to give women cleaner healthier-looking hair. The Amazon best selling cleansing conditioner offers a deep cleaning while also offering a nourishing conditioner.

These are just a few simple ways to care for your hair. Caring for your hair is very important as hair can become dry, damaged and brittle. Being sure to follow a diet that is rich in healthy ingredients as well as avoiding harsh chemicals is the best way to have healthier shiny your hair.

For more product information, visit the official Wen website. More hair care tips available on the Wen Facebook page.

Fun Facts About Female Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know


Interesting Facts About Some Female Celebrities




The Parent TrapWilly Wonka & The Chocolate FactoryOverboard The Princess Bride

  • Scarlett Johansson: This beauty has a twin brother named Hunter. Her older sister Vanessa is also an actress. At 13-years-old, Scarlett lost the lead role to Lindsay Lohan for the movie The Parent Trap. Her favorite movie is Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory and has been an admitted smoker since she was 15-years-old.  Now she is known for the Scarlett Johansson sexy appeal, as much as her phenomenal acting talent.
  • Jessica Alba: Alba is a natural athlete, playing baseball and soccer, in addition to swimming. That’s where the Jessica Alba hot body comes from. Her favorite snack is popcorn and her favorite movies include Overboard and The Princess Bride. She is a self-admitted great cook and her biggest fear is being surrounded by pigeons. Alba learned to drive a stick shift before learning on an automatic and she will admit that one of her front teeth is half-fake because of a scene-gone-wrong.



Viva Glam

  • Nicki Minaj: Minaj is said to have had an abusive father while growing up whom reportedly tried to kill her mother and set fire to her house. She loves to cook, wrote her first rap song at age 12, and used to play the clarinet when she was in middle school. Minaj learned to act at the LaGuardia High School of Music and Art and her Viva Glam lipstick helped raise over $250 million to help victims of AIDS.
  • Jennifer Lopez: This celeb is an avid advocate of the LGBT community and she prides herself on her ability to not smoke or drink; ever. She is a known jokester, who can apparently do a wonderful impersonation of Rihanna. Back in the day, she was a backup dancer for New Kids On The Block and Janet Jackson.




  • Wanda Sykes: Sykes was born in Virginia and was the very first African-American woman and openly gay comedian to perform at the White House. Her father was a colonel in the Army and received a Bachelor’s degree from Hampton University. She even got a job at the NSA.
  • Maya Rudolph: This comedian was on SNL for seven years and even graduated from the University of California with a Bachelor’s degree in photography. Rudolph’s family is completely musically inclined and her husband is an Academy Award nominated writer/director.
  • Whoopi Goldberg: Goldberg was once the highest paid actress in Hollywood and is a member of the NRA. Her nickname “Whoopi” comes from her unapologetic farting and she has held a slew of odd jobs from bricklaying to being a hairstylist and phone sex operator.