Talk Fusion Takes Home Award for their Innovative Video Chat Solution

Every year products that facilitate video, data, or voice communications that are exceptional within their class are honored with the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Awards. The honor goes to recipients that have changed the marked over the last year and in 2016 Talk Fusion was proud to take home the award.


The awards are represented by the Technology Marketing Corporation, and in 2016 Talk Fusion was able to take home their second award from the TC due to its prestigious win as a product of the year. CEO of TMC, Rich Tehrani, stated each honoree is an example of the best solutions and products that are out there in the marketplace. He added that each honoree such as Talk Fusion is a true leader.


TalkFusion allows people to talk face to face to anyone via the Talk Fusion Video Chat from any location and on any type of device. The video chat is easily downloaded from Google Play and iTunes stores and is known for its astounding cross-communication performance. This amazing functionality is enabled by WebRTC technology and according to CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, just the beginning of what the company hopes to create.


Reina went on to say that the IT team at Talk Fusion has big plans for how they will continue to improve and enhance the All-In-One Video Marketing Solution. He explained that the IT team is working hard to make sure they are always at the front of the technology curve because that is the essence of Talk Fusion.


Ryan Page, the Chief Technical Officer for Talk Fusion, stated that winning the award is confirmation of the fact that Talk Fusion has remained an innovative team. He explained that their processes are invaluable and that is how they are able to create an application that just performs at this level.


Talk Fusion is pretty new to the industry as it just launched in 2007 and in just a decade is already home to the first all in one Video Marketing Solution that is crossing barriers left and right. The goal of Talk Fusion is help businesses stand out from competition by keeping customers satisfied via dynamic marketing materials.

Slyce Moving Forward With New SnipSnap Service

Slyce has built itself up to become one of the most important visual search service providers in the world today. With the service, users are able to snap photographs with their phone and have the image instantly analyzed by the service. From there, it can then tell someone where to purchase it, what it costs and also similar brands. This has made Slyce a major player in the world of visual search through its Slyce platform. However, there are other ways it has looked towards improving the services it can provide, and one way is through the recent acquisition of SnipSnap.

So what is SnipSnap exactly? It is one of the most popular digital coupon and personal savings assistants available today. It allows customers to find coupons they are more likely to use and find desirable. With these coupons, they can use all of the coupons on shopping trips or simply scan the coupon on their phone and have the refunded money go into an account. The Toronto Slyce company decided to purchase SnipSnap and integrate it into its online visual search services. This way, customers are able to not only snap pictures of items and products they want to purchase, but they can also find coupons to the product and learn about what stores the coupons are good for. All of this makes it extremely desirable and the match between the two services should prove especially helpful to anyone who wants to save money.

There is also a virtual concierge in order to help assist with the artificial intelligence of the visual search. This way, if someone wants to double check and make sure they are obtaining the product for the very best price, they can access this visual service and a human being will check the rest of the Internet to make sure it is possible for the person to find the very best product possible at the very best price. All of this is going to go a long way in helping a customer make sure they are always going to have the best price and the best product, no matter what.


Smartphone and tablet applications, or apps, are relatively new tools that are used multiple times a day. They can help users with anything from finding their keys in the morning to tracking their calories throughout the day. Apps aren’t just meant to help people organize their daily lives. Social media apps like Flipora are designed to help users connect, discover, and share with others.

Flipora, formerly called InfoAxe, started out as a tool that let its users find websites that they had already visited; a simple yet extremely helpful idea. Now, at first glance, this rebranded company looks similar to StumbleUpon, a website and mobile app that provides personalized web surfing based off its users interests, however there are differences that set these social media tools. Instead of ‘stumbling’ surfers ‘flip’ through web pages. More importantly Flipora is essentially a part of the user’s browser, allowing it to see the user’s surfing habits and use the data that it has gathered to make accurate suggestions of what user would like to view next. The company has switched from reminding users of where they have been to telling users where they should go next. Flipora is able to do this because it has shifted from keeping the users’ information specifically for each individual user to gathering all its users’ surfing information to make suggestions based off of similar searches. This is similar to the ‘other shoppers who purchased this item also purchased item’ sections you find on retail websites after you put something in your cart.

Flipora’s recent move into the mobile app market has been proven to rival big names like Facebook and Twitter, according to a Forbes article from January of this year. Forbes noted that Flipora’s ability to make the aforementioned suggestions on what users should check out next with no help from the users themselves is something that most social media sites can’t do. Big name social media sites often ask for feedback from users to see if they were correct about their suggestions. Also their suggestions are less accurate because companies pay for the privilege of being suggested more frequently. Instead Flipora is basing their suggestions off of collected data from users’ peers. Flipora is a relatively new social media app that is proving to be completion for longer running, more established social media sites and apps.

The App: Technology Simplified

Millions of people daily and nightly are accessing 1000’s of various
Applications (Apps) to make their online process more effective. Some of
these app are revolutionary in the field and we just can’t imagine life
before them. Others merely serve their purpose. Even so, the advent of the
Personal App has changed the way that we interact with the web of information
out there. Quite the web it is indeed. Stop and think for a second how many
times even just today that you have checked your Facebook or watched YouTube
for quick examples.

These are the types of things that we take for granted nowadays. There are
companies however that intend to revolutionize the way we think of the App.
You may have heard of them yourself. The name is “Flipora” a relatively new
player in the Mobile App arena. That does not make them a small fish in a big pond
however. They are quickly making a name as a company that stands on their own
creativity for growth. How it work is the content found in the Flipora App is
dependent on what you like. In this way it is always tailoring itself to the
user’s interests.

The App is available for Mobile, Android, iPad, iPad Touch, Social Media and much
more than this list here. The company’s aim here is to streamline and speed up the
way that the user (us people) experience our content. Which is a goal of many
if not all of these types of businesses. Flipora seems to be doing it a bit better though.
With it being the fastest growing company of it’s kind big things are
sure to keep on coming in the future. They are off to a great start to be certain.
If this is any indicator of their future success, things look bright indeed.

One thing is for sure here. Technology and the way we use it is changing rapidly.
We are constantly being introduced to newer (and sometimes better) properties that
make the internet seem fresh and new again. Flipora is one company to keep your
eye on for new and innovative ways to use the web. We are most certainly in for
more big surprises and cutting edge technology in the form of the App.

Who knows which new applications will be the ones that we simply must have.

I Found My Future Husband On The Skout Network

My friends asked me why did I join the Skout network, and they should be able to see my answer right in front of me. I found a great boyfriend through the Skout network, but no one seems to believe that we really met online. We have such a close bond with each other that everyone thinks that we had to have known each other for a long time. The only reason why we seem so close is because we really are. We spend a lot of time together, we go places together, and we talk all the time.

I was lucky to find the Skout network because I had planned on joining another online dating site. I almost passed up Skout, only because I thought it was a socializing website. It turns out, Skout is good for any type of relationship as well as socializing. I started off by socializing on Skout, but it didn’t take long before I started looking for a love interest. The best part about looking for a boyfriend on Skout is the fact that I found one very quickly. We met because we had similar interests, and we stayed together because we ended up falling in love.

Skout doesn’t limit people to staying on the network because we were able to meet in person. After meeting through the Skout network, we did talk for a while before we decided to meet in person. I was terrified to start talking to someone in person, especially since I met him online because I heard a lot of horror stories. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones because my story ended beautifully. We have been dating for over a year now, and I know that marriage will soon be around the corner. We both thank Skout for bringing us together.

When he was on the Skout network, he was never looking for love, but I ended up finding him. I only did a search for someone in my local area, and it turns out that we had some similar interests. I added him to my favorites list because I didn’t want to lose him, and I’m glad I did. The favorites list that’s located on the Skout network, it allowed me to find him immediately when I went looking for him again. The fact that we started out talking on Skout, and now we’re so close to marriage, it makes me really thankful for the Skout network. Find Skout on Twitter for more updates!