Netflix brings Brad Pitt movie to its streaming service

Knowing where to see the next Brad Pitt movie may be easy as it could premiere in the living rooms of Netflix users after the streaming service announced it has acquired the rights to War Machine. Deadline reports the David Michod written and directed movie will begin shooting in summer 2015 and is the largest deal yet announced as Netflix looks to original movies and shows to provide content for its streaming service. Pitt’s Plan B company had been hunting for backing for the movie based on the novel, The Outsiders that will form the basis of Netflix’s 2016 offerings.

Alexei Beltyukov reports on Google+, the streaming service has recently announced it will look to offer more original programming for customers who have invested in shows like House of Cards. Netflix has stated it will give a theatrical release to movies in contention for awards and will make decisions based on the individual movie when it is produced. Netflix has also signed a multi movie deal with Adam Sandler to produce movies for the service and has also signed on to produce an upcoming Kevin James spy comedy as it expands into a major Hollywood production company.