Workville Coworking Space vs. Other New York Offices For Rent


Coworking is a rising trend in the business world, in which independent contractors, freelancers, or businesses share a working environment, giving them the ability to socialize and share ideas. Coworking is beneficial to professionals in many industries. Some of the benefits of coworking are listed below.

Cost Efficient
Renting office space, especially in large cities such as New York, is expensive and can be impractical for small or start-up businesses, and often require renters to commit to leases of 3-5 years. In addition to rent charges, businesses are also typically responsible for furnishing the office space, paying all utilities, and providing their own supplies. Shared office spaces allow individuals and organizations to rent space without long-term commitment by the hour, day, or month, at rates much lower than that of renting an individual property. Shared office spaces are also already furnished, and provide supplies and devices such as coffee and printers. Utilities, such as water, electricity, and Internet are also included in the cost of rent for shared office spaces.

Coworking allows individuals who would otherwise be isolated to be surrounded by others. This allows these individuals to share ideas, insights and experiences with other like-minded entrepreneurs. Networking can also provide individuals and organizations with more business opportunities.

Improved Efficiency
Many people who work from home find it difficult to remain motivated and focused. Coworking provides a professional environment without the distractions of housework, children, and television.

Located on Broadway, close to Times Square and Bryant Park, Workville coworking space NYC provides luxurious coworking office space. Individuals have 24-hour access to offices, open desks, three terraces, lounges, and a cafe. The sun-filled, open floor workspace provide a professional environment to work and collaborate with a diverse set of professionals from all industries.

Workville knows the importance of networking amongst their clients, and provides events such as pitch nights, demo days, round tables and cocktail hours to encourage discussion and participation amongst them.

Workville’s founders own the building in which they operate, which means they are invested in ensuring the success of the company, providing stability to their clients.

Get Your Free Adwords Evaluation From Adwords Experts

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Having an expert guide you on how to run a profitable advertising campaign can be a wise decision. You could let an expert set up your Adwords campaign and manage it for you, while you are learning how to do it yourself, or have them handle it while you focus on other areas of your business.

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White Shark Media has a great reputation in the industry due to their top notch services and outstanding results they have achieved for their clients. The company has been in business for many years and receives countless positive reviews from clients around the world.

When you decide to learn or be guided by experts in the filed, you will increase your chances of attaining the results you desire. Visit White Shark Media at their website and submit a request for consultation with one of their Adwords certified specialists.

Marc Sparks Giving Back with Spark Tank

There are a lot of ways to give back to others, and serial entrepreneur Marc Sparks has found a unique and powerful way to help the charities in the Dallas area. It was a natural combination of all the things that Sparks enjoys in life, building a successful business operation and helping other people enjoys life more.

That is where the Spark Tank was born. All not for profits in the area were asked a simple question, what would your organization do with $5,000? They had to provide a short presentation that explained all of the good that would be accomplished with the prize money.

The response to the Spark Tank was incredible, round one opened with 14 applicants. Each of them providing a unique approach to making use of $5,000 and they represented the entire area very well. Read more: They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success

The committee had to pare down the list and got it down to a final three. They were invited to come and make their presentation in person. They were Dogs Matter, an organization that provides foster care for dogs of people recovering from addiction. The House of Eli, a halfway house for boys who are coming out of the foster care system.

Thirdly, Metro Relief, a mobile soup kitchen that provides much-needed food for hungry people, in many parts of the municipality.

These three worthy causes met to face off and were given 15 minutes each to present how their organization was going to use the money. The criteria were simple, the need for the program, a realistic manner of measuring results and the presentation itself. After much deliberation and deep thought, the committee picked its initial winner of the Spark Tank, Dogs Matter. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Two more rounds are scheduled for this year and more great organizations will get involved. One is this summer and one in the fall, the winners of all the rounds will then be able to face off against each other for a larger prize.

One of the unforeseen results of this great idea was a bringing together of non-profit organizations that through connection have found ways to share resources and make all of the organizations more effective in their missions. When you bring positive people together, great things are going to happen.

Marc Sparks has been an entrepreneurial spirit throughout his life, participating in the start of over 60 different entrepreneurial ventures. He learned a lot from each of them and has shared many of his lessons, the good and the bad in his latest book called, They Can’t Eat You.

Marc Sparks is also now running a company called Timber Creek which is providing a positive atmosphere for fledgling businesses.

It is his belief that surrounding an enterprise with positive, successful people will make them successful as well. Starting the Spark Tank experiment is another venture that has already shown rewards and sparked the entrepreneurial spirit in many others. Read more: Marc Sparks – Profile – Disqus

Marc Sparks: The Key to Promoting a Product Successfully

Venture capitalist Marc Sparks believes that selling a business idea to a venture capitalist needs more than just an eye-catching presentation. Your target entrepreneur will want to know how the partnership will benefit him or her, so you will have to satisfy your prospective business partner on that score. Sparks recommends including the following points in your business presentation.

Every graphic needs to underscore a benefit the venture capitalist will receive by backing your project, otherwise you should not include it in your presentation. Use proven research and data to show your plan for success so that he or she will realize that investing in your idea will only amount to a win-win situation. Keep your presentation simple, so that the venture capitalist can absorb all of the pertinent information without losing interest. Most importantly, show pride and professionalism in your business product by asking your team to assist you in the presentation.

“If I’m in it, I’m all in,” says Marc Sparks of the importance of grabbing the venture capitalist’s attention. “I believe that focus is the key. You can get derailed every day by just life, let alone too many business ventures or directions.”

Sparks, from Austin, TX, has headed multiple start-up companies since 1975. Though many of these businesses achieved success, Sparks said that he learned valuable information from the companies that failed, and has put his words of wisdom into a book called, They Can’t Eat You. Sparks hopes that others may learn from his mistakes in business.

With a fearless passion to build businesses in areas that many find “impossible” to break into, Sparks shows his team members the patterns he expects them to follow through his own example. In this way, he successfully promotes the business model, goals and culture of his companies.

To learn more about Sparks and maximizing your business potential, go to

QNET’s Humanitarian Activities.

QNET is one of the direct selling front runners and founders in e-commerce based direct selling in Asia. I can describe the company as philanthropic since they have been conducting humanitarian activities under the corporate social responsibility banner of We Care. The We Care initiative supports activities of the disadvantaged people in different sections ranging from personal health to assisting victims of natural calamities. The organization has been able to help the Government Primary School, Sriram Nagar, Hyderabad, by donating water storage facilities. QNET focuses on facilitating the supply of clean drinking water for over eight hundred students by partnering with the Lions Club of Hyderabad, Swarnapuri, Dist. 316F.

The project’s main aim is to make sure that the school has access to operational and properly maintained water and sanitation amenities. QNET’s initiative works in collaboration with the government’s Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya movement to educate people about the importance of hygiene. QNET intends to continue conducting humanitarian activities regularly through its partnership with the Lions Club. The charity programs will enable the organization to present excellent CRS practices that facilitate community development and improvement of the environment.

QNET has two essential viewpoints that inspire its activities. These philosophies are the InService, which emboldens generosity, and Raise Yourself to Help Mankind (RYTHM). In partnership with dependable non-governmental organizations and community associations such as the Lions Club, QNET has managed to encourage its employees and independent agents to be actively involved in helping the needy people. The organization has been working towards providing basic needs to the poor. QNET donated essential household kits that contained mats, sheets, utensils, and other household items to more than two hundred needy families at Meenambakkam in Chennai, whose homes had been washed away by floods. The company has also donated a Kidney Dialysis Unit that will help in subsidizing the cost of kidney dialysis to the Shirdi Sai Hospital in Devasandra, through the We Care initiative. The company finds its motivation in Mahatma Gandhi’s generous services to the people.

QNET’s parent company, the QI Group of Companies, is a member of the United Nations Global Compact Network, which is the leading corporate sustainability enterprise globally. QNET’s We Care initiative has been supporting health checks at the Home of Hope in Bangalore. Over two hundred poor adults have taken part in a two-month sophisticated health campaign by the using the Nutriplustm Power Protein, which is a health supplement produced by QNET. QNET is part of the Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association (HADSA) in India.

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Marcio Alaor BMG Recap

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) went on as usual this past January in Las Vegas. This famous electronics show has been showing off current and trending innovative technology for 40 plus years, as well as shown the world how things are evolving.

The executive vice president of Banco BMG Marico Alaor reported that this year’s big headliners were a passenger drone, electric vehicles, and everyday items for the home that have cameras on them.

Marcio Alaor is the executive who takes executive vice president of Banco BMG, which leads Brazil in both personal and payroll loans. Alaor is known as a top business person in Brazil. BMG sponsors Brazilian football, and its logo appears on several teams.

Alaor is also known to be a great supporter of the local area where he is from in Brazil. He hasn’t forgotten his roots to his homeland and is known for using the bank to help the local community.

While several drones were shown off at CES 2016 – due to what Street Light Films reported, the Ehang 184 is different, it can carry a person and is like a small flying car. However, you don’t have to drive it, as it is programmed for its flight. It can fly up to 23 minutes, at a height up to 3.5 kilometers. It is made by Ehang, a Chinese company. The drone is controlled via a control center, which can take over it if necessary. You can see it in action at:

Electric cars were also present by Alaor, who showed off GM’s Chevrolet Bolt, which is expected out in 2017 at a cost of $30,000. Ford and Volkswagen also expect to put out hybrid cars, with Ford putting out 13 by 2020. Volkswagen plans to redo the classic Kombi, by creating an electric version prototype.

Additionally, now cameras are appearing on all kinds of objects. For instance, What if you wonder if you forgot milk as you are shopping at the store? Your fridge can send you a picture of the inside and you can check it out for yourself. That fridge will cost about $5K.

The very first CES was in 1967 and held in NYC. It has highlighted many new items such as the VCR in 1970, CD Players in 1981, DVDs in 1996, plasma TVs in 2001, and Blu-Ray DVDs in 2003. Next year’s 2017 CES is scheduled for January 5-8.

The article originally appeared in Spanish at Exame at

Real Estate Investments Made Easier

Technology has brought a lot of changes in the modern world. The investment industry has not been left behind in this new era. People can invest using the internet and make some good amount of money at the end of the day. Some countries are still in the dark about this, because they do not allow individuals to collect money on the internet.

Some investments in the modern times require huge sums of money for a person to venture into them, and unless they get help, it is impossible to do it alone. One of these investments is the real estate. Investments in the real estate are quite profitable, and many people have the dream of owning shares in these companies. The amount of money required to own these shares is quite high. Therefore, many individuals are left out in this profitable venture.

Crowdfunding is the mode of business that has been introduced to help people who want to venture in these types of businesses. Several people come together with the same motives, and they form a group with the main aim of investing. These people contribute a little amount of money, and at the end of the day, they raise enough money to buy property and develop it for business purposes. After some years, some huge profits are raised, and this way, the investors get a good share of it, according to what they invested.

There are several companies that have ventured into this kind of business, and iFunding is one of them. Most of these companies are mostly found in the United States. The country has passed regulations that allow people and managers of these companies to collect funds online, and this explains a large number of companies from this country.

This company has chaned the lives of many people from different parts of the world. Thanks to iFunding, investors who cannot afford to invest in real estate companies on their own due to the lack of funds can have this opportunity. With as little as five million dollars, an individual is able to invest in real estate and get some good amount of profits. LinkedIn shows that the company has brought a reliable of the trustworthy platform where investors can invest without having any worries.

The company was founded by an individual known as William Skelley. Today, he is the CEO and chairperson of iFunding, and he works hard to make sure that small investors are given a good opportunity to invest and grow their businesses’.  This interview with Skelley shines a lot of light on iFunding, and what they have offered to the crowdfunding real estate movement.

Ricardo Guimaraes and the Banco BMG Blueprint.

Banco BMG is the leading payroll and personal loan provider in Brazil. The bank enjoys a rich heritage that dates back eight decades ago when Pentagna Guimaraes stated the Land Credit Bank.


The bank thrives under the skillful administration of Ricardo Guimaraes, who seem to have breathed a new lease of life into the firm since taking over in 1998. In fact, the bank assumes most of the traits associated with its CEO such as the love for sports and social development. BMG became the leading loan provider in Brazil after an overhaul of its administrative and service delivery structure.


Ricardo Guimaraes knew the growing demand for consigned credit in a growing Brazilian population needed to be met. He introduced low-interest rates to a good number of non-defaulters, and the bank grew its clientele. Also, Guimaraes reduced administration costs by contracting banking agents around the country to represent Banco BMG. Such moves earned him the respect of other professionals in the industry.


Today, BMG has reached the pinnacles but is aiming even higher. A few years ago, an agreement was signed with Itau Unibanco for the formation of a joint venture to increase the payroll loans. The move was lauded for its potential to bring in more clients while taking advantage of existing infrastructure. The move also comes at the right time judging by the volatility of markets and the resulting need for diversification.


The bank has also adjusted its administrative structure once more. This time, the system of administration through the controlling family has been opted out for professionals to come in. The representatives of the Guimaraes family take up positions on the board of directors’ panel with their posts given to industry experts. Ricardo Guimaraes, for instance, gives up his position to Antonio Hermann. The incoming CEO expressed his confidence that BMG can continue being a leader in consigned credit and push its trajectory even higher. This administrative shake-up sees a new era for Banco BMG that stakeholders and clients can look forward.


Elsewhere, Ricardo’s reputation remains intact. The sports marketing strategy adopted by the veteran manager continues to give the firm phenomenal success. It’s expected Guimaraes will have an enormous influence on the direction BMG takes as he sits on the board. The tag of being the largest sponsor of talent and events is likely to continue. Ricardo’s passion for sports goes way back. The same passion led him to the management of a club like Atletico Mineiro a decade ago. Before he took over, the football club had financial problems. Ricardo financed the club from his pocket and led it through a successful five-year period.

Automaker Stocks Have Always Weathered Scandals Says Marcio Alaor


When people ask Marcio Alaor what type of stock they should add to their investment portfolio to bet on steady but always profitable stocks, he tells them to invest in the automobile industry. All his clients receive the benefit of his vast knowledge of the auto industry, including all the different manufacturers across the world.

Marcio Alaor BMG is the CEO of the South American bank: Banco BMG. He teaches the importance of taking a company public in order to raise large amounts of capital quickly. Launching an IPO (Initial Public Offering) enables the company to grow enough to become a dominating force in that company’s industry. As an example, he points out that General Motors (GM) went public with an IPO a hundred years ago, in 1915. The capital raised supported the growth of GM from just another fledgling car company, which had been struggling to follow in Ford Motor Company’s tire treads, to the number one automaker in the world. GM’s assets are valued at more than $54 billion USD.

By contrast, Henry Ford fought his own people to keep his company, the first one and at one time the most successful, from ever going public. Consequently, Ford lagged behind and did not launch an IPO until 1956, by Henry Ford’s son. Ford Motor Corporation is still the number 2 auto maker, and at times has been number 3. Mr. Alaor points out that the IPO is very important to a company’s growth and viability and also presents a “win-win” for both the company and John Q. Public. This is because when a private person owns a little piece of a big corporation, they have a vested interest in promoting that company. The company wins by having access to a quickly-growing pile of much needed capital. Read this article for more about Marcio Alaor’s bullish stance on automakers.

There are many great investment inroads with automakers, despite the media’s sensationalized hype about minor technicalities, such as happened in the Volkswagen scandal. Mr. Alaor says these are aberrations that do not negatively affect automaker stock values in the long term. Investors look at the product quality and overall value, which is little affected by some emissions sensor miss-calibrations.

Madison Street Capital Financial Advisory

Madison Street Capital offers their corporate financial advisory services to both public and private businesses internationally which means that they are a banking firm that is prepared to handle international investments. Madison Street Capital shows a high commitment to a quality standard of service that promises a dedication to administration, virtue, and supremacy. Among the services mentioned, Madison Street Capital offers estimations of worth, specifically the expertise of the worth of companies assets and tax compliance, they also offer services in financial and economic advice, capital restructuring, reorganization services of very complicated financial and economical situations, ESOP advisory, buy out advisory, and many more services.
Madison Street Capital has an annual revenue of $130,000 and they only employ a staff of two people. This small hive of busy financial worker bees is actually still very young, establishing only in 2011. Being young however should not present a lack in experience, with the prior understanding of such a diverse range of industries Madison Street Capital is more than prepared to continue in growth within the world of corporate financial assistance today.
Madison Street Capital is very community oriented and they are concerned with recent disasters that alter the personalities and livelihoods within the community at devastating levels. Madison Street Capital participates in raising awareness by referencing the United Way Disaster Relief Efforts and they would genuinely like to make a difference during times of these detrimental disasters and help the community that they care so much about.
Within the three continents of North America, Asia, and Africa, Madison Street Capital means big business but the compassion they show to the community will allow them to step away from corporate behemoths in the future. A company that takes care of it’s community is taken care by it’s community. Rapid growth should be in their future.