Rona Borre Is An Ideal Role Model For Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs In Chicago


       In 2015, Rona Borre won two Stevie Awards

When the Chicago Tribune did a story in 2016 about the wage gap between male and female IT workers at large companies, Rona Borre, the founder and CEO of Chicago-based Instant Alliance, said that skills, as opposed to gender, is the typical reason for wage discrepancies. Borre, whose staffing company that provides both finance and IT talent to clients, indicated that top-tier tech talent is in high demand and companies are more concerned with finding people with the latest skills. Borre is often called upon to provide commentary about being a female in the tech industry and hiring practices in general by CNN, CNBC, USA Today and CNN, in addition to the Chicago Tribune.  Check the subject on


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While Instant Alliance started out as a technology staffing firm, Rona Borre expanded into the finance field by offering contract workers and recruiting services for clients seeking permanent finance employees with the prerequisite qualifications, in addition to executive search services.


In 2015, Rona Borre won two Stevie Awards, one for Female Entrepreneur of the Year and one for Woman of the Year in Technology. In 2013, Borre was inducted into the Chicago Area Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame, based on her numerous contributions to the Chicago business landscape. She is also a member of the Economic Club of Chicago. More of this on