Wen Provides the Shine You Want

When you have shiny hair it promotes health and youth. While she was not sure about the oily texture she felt it is obvious that Wen made a difference in her hair when comparing her before picture to her after picture. You can see an obvious shine to her hair that she did not have before and her hair looks more healthy after using the WEN products. Perhaps she should have used slightly less than the recommended amount as her hair is thin and fine, but regardless, it has left her hair noticeably healthier.
The Wen Hair Care system is unique in that you have a shampoo and conditioner combined in one bottle which not only provides you with the cleansing you want from a shampoo but also provides you with the conditioning you need for your hair all in just one step. This cuts down on the time you take in washing your hair along with providing you with a leave-in conditioner feel to your hair throughout the day. Regular shampoos strip your hair of their natural oils, but Wen enhances your own natural oils and cleanses you hair in the process. There are a variety of scents when you choose to use Wen that will leave your hair smelling wonderful throughout the day. Some of these include sweet almond mint, lavender, pomegranate, sweet honey peach among many others. There is truly a scent everyone would love.

Not only does Wen have shampoos and conditioners, but you can also choose from a variety of other products such as mousse, crèmes, styling sprays, hair balms, among many others to achieve the style you want that lasts. Wen works fantastic for all different hair textures and lengths along with hair that has been treated with chemicals. You can have the shiny and healthy hair you desire that is also manageable and stylish by using these products. Wen products are available online on Amazon or the high end Sephora cosmetics.

For more info, visit http://www.wenhaircare.com/.

Lime Crime Creates Bold and Expressive Cosmetics

Some people use make up as a way to cover flaws and enhance what they like about their features. However, many women like to use their make-up in a bolder way. They like using their make-up like art to express who they are. Lime Crime is the perfect make-up line for those who like expressive and unique make-up colors.

Lime Crime is the dream and creation of its owner, Doe Deere. Doe was born in Russia but she was raised in NY City. She started the company in 2008 with very little money but a lot of passion. Because she started small but with big dreams, she encourages others to not “quit their daydream,” too.

As a matter of fact, she is a huge supporter of women who desire to start their own businesses and frequently gives talks and mentors women in order to help them achieve their goals. She speaks about trusting your instinct when in business and letting it be your guide. She regularly encourages women entrepreneurs by participating in events such as the PHAMExpo.

One of Doe’s guiding passions is her love for animals. Not only does she give regularly to a shelter and own rescue cats, she also refuses to test her products on animals. In accordance with her care for animals, all Lime Crime products are cruelty-free and vegan.

Doe is a former rock band member and beauty blogger. She brings an adventurous attitude and interest in beauty products to her cosmetics. You can see that intense spirit represented all throughout her line. Some of her lip colors have names like Riot and Trouble, and they are definitely daring. However, there are softer colors such as Cashmere and Coquette for days when you are feeling more demure.

Lime Crime has recently partnered with Urban Outfitters where they will be launching a new lipstick called Eraser. Additionally, they will soon be coming out with a line of hair color which promises to be just as creative as their make-up. They even offer a feature on their website called Hairspiration. Here, customers can find make-up colors that will complement various hair colors and Instagram photos from Lime Crime customers showing off their creations.

Lime Crime is an exciting brand with colors for those who love beauty products that are artistic and unique. There’s truly something for everyone from those who like bright and bold to those like a softer look. With new products and a hair color line coming out, they are definitely a company to watch.

New Colors To Shake Things Up

One of the most enticing things about exploring the modern world of cosmetics is the colors. Great makeup brands usually have a lot to boast about, from color palettes with vivid pinks, brown, blushes and reds for cheeks and overall skin tone, to color collections geared especially to the eyes.

Though many of the big brands today are realizing it’s not enough to just put out a line of pinks, reds, and neutrals and think they’re serving their customers adequately, the truth is that there is a seeming air of complacency in what’s being offered these days. Most of the big brands link their colors to personal skin tone, as in suggesting that fair skinned women can wear a choice of this and that, and darker toned women can go for a few different darker choices. What’s been missing is a feeling that somewhere out there is a cosmetics brand that is really willing to shake it up, and offer colors that dare to be really out there. That is, until Lime Crime hit the modern cosmetics scene.

Lime Crime on ilovelimecrime is the brainchild of a rock and roll Russian emigre named Doe Deere, who got the idea of mixing up her own line of makeup with quality ingredients she discovered on her own. With her outsider eye on the US cosmetics scene, she is bringing freshness to the sometimes staid world of makeup, with its ho hum selection of foundations and powders.

A quick look at the Lime Crime makeup line shows a view of color that’s truly a knockout. This brand isn’t about staying neutral and staying in the shadows. As Deere has commented, this is a brand that’s really about making a statement. that statement seems to be, in essence, “Look at me, I’m beautiful.” And yes, look we do.

The Lime Crime color palette, shown to such great effect in the brand’s wow! line of lip colors, is one that has verve to spare. It’s not just the colors, however, it’s the way the colors go on that’s also a big part of the impact. The hot pink and almost neon white pinks of these lipstick goes on big, matte and bold. The effect is just this side of stunning, and eminently kissable. With colors that range from deep purples to mushroomy brown grey neutrals to hotter than hot pink, there’s something here to jazz up just about any pout.

The Lime Crime brand seems to be saying, “it doesn’t matter your skin color or age. Just be beautiful, be glam or go home.” Now that’s a statement we really like hearing.