Smartphone and tablet applications, or apps, are relatively new tools that are used multiple times a day. They can help users with anything from finding their keys in the morning to tracking their calories throughout the day. Apps aren’t just meant to help people organize their daily lives. Social media apps like Flipora are designed to help users connect, discover, and share with others.

Flipora, formerly called InfoAxe, started out as a tool that let its users find websites that they had already visited; a simple yet extremely helpful idea. Now, at first glance, this rebranded company looks similar to StumbleUpon, a website and mobile app that provides personalized web surfing based off its users interests, however there are differences that set these social media tools. Instead of ‘stumbling’ surfers ‘flip’ through web pages. More importantly Flipora is essentially a part of the user’s browser, allowing it to see the user’s surfing habits and use the data that it has gathered to make accurate suggestions of what user would like to view next. The company has switched from reminding users of where they have been to telling users where they should go next. Flipora is able to do this because it has shifted from keeping the users’ information specifically for each individual user to gathering all its users’ surfing information to make suggestions based off of similar searches. This is similar to the ‘other shoppers who purchased this item also purchased item’ sections you find on retail websites after you put something in your cart.

Flipora’s recent move into the mobile app market has been proven to rival big names like Facebook and Twitter, according to a Forbes article from January of this year. Forbes noted that Flipora’s ability to make the aforementioned suggestions on what users should check out next with no help from the users themselves is something that most social media sites can’t do. Big name social media sites often ask for feedback from users to see if they were correct about their suggestions. Also their suggestions are less accurate because companies pay for the privilege of being suggested more frequently. Instead Flipora is basing their suggestions off of collected data from users’ peers. Flipora is a relatively new social media app that is proving to be completion for longer running, more established social media sites and apps.