The New Healthy Dog Food

The dog food industry is a growing industry that has a current net worth of 23.7 billion dollars that is exponentially growing at a fast rate. As the dog food industry is expanding, more and more local and small businesses are finding new niches to fit themselves in. One niche in particular that is growing in popularity is the niche of healthy and wholesome dog food. Dog food brands are now finding the importance in providing fresh ingredients to their loved dogs.

One company owner in particular named Richard Thompson has entered the healthy food business with the intent of giving both dogs and their owners a healthy diet that will keep improve any dog’s life. Richard Thompson is the owner of a small gourmet dog food manufacturer on that has emphasized the importance of healthy ingredients. Mr. Thompson has even commented on the fact that his dog food has a short shelf life because of how fresh each ingredient is.

The new idea behind presenting dog food is to provide food to the dogs that does not have an odorous smell that most canned dog food has. Instead, the intent is to provided food for the dogs that follows the initiative that the dog should eat like their owner. 

One brand name in particular who has grown a healthy dog food brand is Beneful. This company, in the last decade, has created multiple products and campaigns that emphasize the importance of eating healthy. The products that Beneful even produces create healthy and wholesome opportunities for each and every dog.

The products that are produced by Beneful include the dry dog food, the wet dog food, and the dog treats. Of all the products that are produced by Beneful on, the wet dog food is by far the most popular product. Each can of Beneful wet dog food contains a variety of proteins and fresh ingredients that are combined to create delicious varieties of wholesome meals. The proteins that Beneful uses is chosen from lamb, beef, pork, and chicken. These proteins are then combined with fresh ingredients such as barley, rice, carrots, and green beans to make the most delicious meal. 

Premium Dog Food Sales Are Soaring

Premium dog food sales are soaring around America with the advent of new technology that helps keep dogs healthy. New scientific studies show that dogs must eat more than meat to remain healthy, and the Purina Beneful brand has been creating healthy food for dogs for some time. This article explains how new premium dog foods are created, and the ingredients shown are becoming more popular by the day.
#1: Beneful Uses Unique Ingredients Beneful has become known for using unique ingredients in its food, and the brand creates entrees for dogs that have foods often interesting to humans. Items such as corn, wheat and peas are mixed with meat products that create a full meal for dogs. Beneful creates full courses for dogs that are even hidden inside small dog treats. Their commitment to quality is beyond any other company in the industry.
#2: Why Are Sales Soaring? Sales of premium dog food are soaring due to the intense for better nutrition for dogs. Americans are taking better care of their dogs than ever before, and Americans may research healthy meals for their dogs online. The consumer who chooses to purchase premium dog food is making a healthy choice for their pet, and each choice is made based on solid research.
#3: Beneful Is The Most Notable Purina store Brand Beneful has been the most notable premium brand of dog food for over a decade, and the Beneful brand continues to increase its offerings for pets. Dogs and their owners were recently featured in a commercial for the company, and pet owners have become accustomed to the Beneful name when shopping at the supermarket. There is no more trusted name today in dog food than Beneful.
The Beneful brand has produced a massive catalog of foods that dogs will love, and their commitment to excellence has inspired other companies to produce premium dog food. Premium dog food sales are rising an unprecedented rates, and the Beneful brand is reaping the rewards of its commitment to quality. Dogs are healthier than ever before when eating food created with science at its core.