The Rock is on Top

Dwayne Johnson (AKA the Rock) has been in a lot of movies in the past 10 years, building his reputation as a super star actor. But his newest movies San Andreas may have pushed him trough to stardom. Being number one of the weekend box office list at 53 million and grossing 100 million worldwide. Christian Broda suggests that Warner Bros is still a ways off from breaking into profit at 190 million put into the film, but almost earning half of that in 3 days is an incredible feat. It will be very interesting to see how San Andreas compares up to the much anticipated Jurassic World coming out very shortly.

Others that feel short of the Rock include Pitch Perfect at number 2 with 14.3 million this weekend, Tomorrow land at number 3 with 13.8 million, number 4 being Mad Max: fury road at 13.6 million and running in at number 5 is Avengers: age of Ultron with 10.9 million. Other movies following the top five include Aloha, Poltergeist, far from the madding crowd and hot pursuit.

Overall the rock had an amazing performance in San Andreas and is on track to be the next Arnold schwarzenegger of action films. As of now the only news of the rock playing in any newer movies includes the next film in the Furious saga and there has been rumor of him playing a DC superhero, possible black Adam.