QNET’s Humanitarian Activities.

QNET is one of the direct selling front runners and founders in e-commerce based direct selling in Asia. I can describe the company as philanthropic since they have been conducting humanitarian activities under the corporate social responsibility banner of We Care. The We Care initiative supports activities of the disadvantaged people in different sections ranging from personal health to assisting victims of natural calamities. The organization has been able to help the Government Primary School, Sriram Nagar, Hyderabad, by donating water storage facilities. QNET focuses on facilitating the supply of clean drinking water for over eight hundred students by partnering with the Lions Club of Hyderabad, Swarnapuri, Dist. 316F.

The project’s main aim is to make sure that the school has access to operational and properly maintained water and sanitation amenities. QNET’s initiative works in collaboration with the government’s Swachh Bharat Swachh Vidyalaya movement to educate people about the importance of hygiene. QNET intends to continue conducting humanitarian activities regularly through its partnership with the Lions Club. The charity programs will enable the organization to present excellent CRS practices that facilitate community development and improvement of the environment.

QNET has two essential viewpoints that inspire its activities. These philosophies are the InService, which emboldens generosity, and Raise Yourself to Help Mankind (RYTHM). In partnership with dependable non-governmental organizations and community associations such as the Lions Club, QNET has managed to encourage its employees and independent agents to be actively involved in helping the needy people. The organization has been working towards providing basic needs to the poor. QNET donated essential household kits that contained mats, sheets, utensils, and other household items to more than two hundred needy families at Meenambakkam in Chennai, whose homes had been washed away by floods. The company has also donated a Kidney Dialysis Unit that will help in subsidizing the cost of kidney dialysis to the Shirdi Sai Hospital in Devasandra, through the We Care initiative. The company finds its motivation in Mahatma Gandhi’s generous services to the people.

QNET’s parent company, the QI Group of Companies, is a member of the United Nations Global Compact Network, which is the leading corporate sustainability enterprise globally. QNET’s We Care initiative has been supporting health checks at the Home of Hope in Bangalore. Over two hundred poor adults have taken part in a two-month sophisticated health campaign by the using the Nutriplustm Power Protein, which is a health supplement produced by QNET. QNET is part of the Health Foods and Dietary Supplements Association (HADSA) in India.

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Marcio Alaor BMG Recap

The 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) went on as usual this past January in Las Vegas. This famous electronics show has been showing off current and trending innovative technology for 40 plus years, as well as shown the world how things are evolving.

The executive vice president of Banco BMG Marico Alaor reported that this year’s big headliners were a passenger drone, electric vehicles, and everyday items for the home that have cameras on them.

Marcio Alaor is the executive who takes executive vice president of Banco BMG, which leads Brazil in both personal and payroll loans. Alaor is known as a top business person in Brazil. BMG sponsors Brazilian football, and its logo appears on several teams.

Alaor is also known to be a great supporter of the local area where he is from in Brazil. He hasn’t forgotten his roots to his homeland and is known for using the bank to help the local community.

While several drones were shown off at CES 2016 – due to what Street Light Films reported, the Ehang 184 is different, it can carry a person and is like a small flying car. However, you don’t have to drive it, as it is programmed for its flight. It can fly up to 23 minutes, at a height up to 3.5 kilometers. It is made by Ehang, a Chinese company. The drone is controlled via a control center, which can take over it if necessary. You can see it in action at: http://bit.ly/1ITJrj0.

Electric cars were also present by Alaor, who showed off GM’s Chevrolet Bolt, which is expected out in 2017 at a cost of $30,000. Ford and Volkswagen also expect to put out hybrid cars, with Ford putting out 13 by 2020. Volkswagen plans to redo the classic Kombi, by creating an electric version prototype.

Additionally, now cameras are appearing on all kinds of objects. For instance, What if you wonder if you forgot milk as you are shopping at the store? Your fridge can send you a picture of the inside and you can check it out for yourself. That fridge will cost about $5K.

The very first CES was in 1967 and held in NYC. It has highlighted many new items such as the VCR in 1970, CD Players in 1981, DVDs in 1996, plasma TVs in 2001, and Blu-Ray DVDs in 2003. Next year’s 2017 CES is scheduled for January 5-8.

The article originally appeared in Spanish at Exame at http://exame.abril.com.br/negocios/dino/noticias/marcio-alaor-do-bmg-conta-as-novidades-da-feira-de-tecnologia-ces-2016.shtml.

Ricardo Guimaraes and the Banco BMG Blueprint.

Banco BMG is the leading payroll and personal loan provider in Brazil. The bank enjoys a rich heritage that dates back eight decades ago when Pentagna Guimaraes stated the Land Credit Bank.


The bank thrives under the skillful administration of Ricardo Guimaraes, who seem to have breathed a new lease of life into the firm since taking over in 1998. In fact, the bank assumes most of the traits associated with its CEO such as the love for sports and social development. BMG became the leading loan provider in Brazil after an overhaul of its administrative and service delivery structure.


Ricardo Guimaraes knew the growing demand for consigned credit in a growing Brazilian population needed to be met. He introduced low-interest rates to a good number of non-defaulters, and the bank grew its clientele. Also, Guimaraes reduced administration costs by contracting banking agents around the country to represent Banco BMG. Such moves earned him the respect of other professionals in the industry.


Today, BMG has reached the pinnacles but is aiming even higher. A few years ago, an agreement was signed with Itau Unibanco for the formation of a joint venture to increase the payroll loans. The move was lauded for its potential to bring in more clients while taking advantage of existing infrastructure. The move also comes at the right time judging by the volatility of markets and the resulting need for diversification.


The bank has also adjusted its administrative structure once more. This time, the system of administration through the controlling family has been opted out for professionals to come in. The representatives of the Guimaraes family take up positions on the board of directors’ panel with their posts given to industry experts. Ricardo Guimaraes, for instance, gives up his position to Antonio Hermann. The incoming CEO expressed his confidence that BMG can continue being a leader in consigned credit and push its trajectory even higher. This administrative shake-up sees a new era for Banco BMG that stakeholders and clients can look forward.


Elsewhere, Ricardo’s reputation remains intact. The sports marketing strategy adopted by the veteran manager continues to give the firm phenomenal success. It’s expected Guimaraes will have an enormous influence on the direction BMG takes as he sits on the board. The tag of being the largest sponsor of talent and events is likely to continue. Ricardo’s passion for sports goes way back. The same passion led him to the management of a club like Atletico Mineiro a decade ago. Before he took over, the football club had financial problems. Ricardo financed the club from his pocket and led it through a successful five-year period.

Madison Street Capital Financial Advisory

Madison Street Capital offers their corporate financial advisory services to both public and private businesses internationally which means that they are a banking firm that is prepared to handle international investments. Madison Street Capital shows a high commitment to a quality standard of service that promises a dedication to administration, virtue, and supremacy. Among the services mentioned, Madison Street Capital offers estimations of worth, specifically the expertise of the worth of companies assets and tax compliance, they also offer services in financial and economic advice, capital restructuring, reorganization services of very complicated financial and economical situations, ESOP advisory, buy out advisory, and many more services.
Madison Street Capital has an annual revenue of $130,000 and they only employ a staff of two people. This small hive of busy financial worker bees is actually still very young, establishing only in 2011. Being young however should not present a lack in experience, with the prior understanding of such a diverse range of industries Madison Street Capital is more than prepared to continue in growth within the world of corporate financial assistance today.
Madison Street Capital is very community oriented and they are concerned with recent disasters that alter the personalities and livelihoods within the community at devastating levels. Madison Street Capital participates in raising awareness by referencing the United Way Disaster Relief Efforts and they would genuinely like to make a difference during times of these detrimental disasters and help the community that they care so much about.
Within the three continents of North America, Asia, and Africa, Madison Street Capital means big business but the compassion they show to the community will allow them to step away from corporate behemoths in the future. A company that takes care of it’s community is taken care by it’s community. Rapid growth should be in their future.