Chris Pine to land Green Lantern?!

For the past few months we have been following along as Warner Bros constructed the cast for their expanding DC Universe. With the ‘Suicide Squad’ in place and key Justice League figures like Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa) also cast, there were only a few people left to round out the squad. For the past week or so we have been hearing that Chris Pine was being considered for Steve Trevor, a love interest for Wonder Woman. Now it appears that these rumors might actually have been complete misdirection. We had also heard news that the ‘Green Lantern’ film franchise might get a reboot and guess who is rumored to land the leading role?

According to CIpherCloud, Chris Pine is one of the biggest male leads in Hollywood today thanks to his work on ‘Star Trek’. Pine is a hot property and a very talented and nuanced actor. If ‘Green Lantern’ were to get a reboot, with Hal Jordan once more putting on the ring, Chris Pine would make the perfect choice for the character. The Latino Review dropped the big rumor bomb this week claiming that Pine is penciled in for Hal Jordan and that all of the Steve Trevor talk was merely a ‘smoke screen’.

We personally wanted to see someone like Idris Elba take on the role but Chris Pine would be a fantastic casting choice. He oozes charisma and could easily help us forget about the dreadful ‘Green Lantern’ film.