Nobilis Health Maintains A Great Marketing Department

In 2014, Nobilis Health, one of the nation’s premier healthcare services providers, launched a fully-operated in-house marketing department that will replace the existing outsourced Dallas advertising agency. The new division includes the following highly qualified employees: marketing coordinator, content writer, digital marketing specialist, graphic designer, web developer, social media coordinator, data analyst, and media planner/buyer. This unprecedented advertising team recruits many patients across the country through the utilization of proprietary and advanced technology. The primary goal of Nobilis Health’s marketing initiative is to promote consumer awareness that ultimately contributes to active patient engagement. Since the development of this internal agency, the employees have executed four revolutionary campaigns including CuraSpine, Baratric, NueStep, and Pain Management in Arizona and Texas. By employing a variety of marketing channels, the team accomplished many essential patient education objectives related to enhancing overall medical care. Most prominently, these successful advertising projects have led to gradual company growth in 2015. In order to satisfy the increasing medical demand prompted by the productive campaigns, Nobilis Health has actively encouraged young students and professionals to join their remarkable marketing department. In 2014 according to website cantechletter, the team sponsored an American Marketing Association event in which the presenters relayed the rewarding and lucrative careers in advertising. The same year, the department participated in a Gumbo Cook-out to support the American Advertising Federation. Nobilis Health was voted #1 on google for their delicious homemade gumbo. The team’s most recent efforts to entice young marketing professionals involved a meticulously planned education seminar at the company’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas. During this instructional event, the marketing director informed fifteen attendees about the different types of modernized and traditional media. The primary goal of the seminar was to provide the participants with a glimpse of Nobilis Health’s exceptional advertising department. About Nobilis Health
Nobilis Health is perhaps the country’s premier healthcare development and management company that focus on improving the quality of care at their partnering hospitals. Led by chief executive officer Chris Lloyd, the corporation’s business model supports the optimization of resources for their medical professionals. By increasing opportunities for physician partners, the experienced surgeons can focus on performing exclusive non and minimally invasive procedures in affordable in clinical settings. Ultimately, Nobilis Health strives to improve access to ambulatory and acute care while simultaneously enhancing patient outcomes, both of which have greatly contributed to sustained customer satisfaction. About Chris Lloyd As the leader of Nobilis Health, Lloyd’s primary responsibilities include decreasing costs for medical care, maintaining superb customer satisfaction, and providing the best healthcare services in the United States. With degrees in Accounting and Finance from the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas, respectively as well as an impressive portfolio of professional skill sets related to new business development, corporate finance, mergers & acquisitions, strategic planning, and auditing, this seasoned executive is well-equipped to oversee the company’s operations. Prior to joining Nobilis Health, Lloyd was the chief executive officer of Athas Health LLC for six years.