Why I Like Handy Home Cleaning Services

I am a stay-at-home, but I am also a work-at-home mom. This means that I need help when it comes to cleaning the home. Yes, I have a husband, but that doesn’t always mean that he is going to help me clean. My husband works full-time, and this means that rather than arguing, it’s helpful to be able to rely on a home cleaning service. This is where using a site like Handy comes in.

If you are a mom too, consider that my day runs like this. I get up at 5 AM in hopes to get work done for clients by the time my daughter when she wakes up at 8 AM. Once she awakens, it’s time for me to put her into the highchair and start making her breakfast. This usually takes about an hour, because she is nearly 18 months and the self-feeding journey is still in process. The messes ensue, and then I have to clean up. (Trust me, there is always more on the floor than in her belly!)

Once I clean up, it’s time for her to watch a few cartoons while I clean up the mess on the floor and clean her highchair. Then it’s time to go for a stroll, and most likely we end up at the park. By noon or 1 PM we return and then it’s time for lunch. Hopefully a nap is to follow, but it all depends on what kind of mood she’s in for the day. If she does take a nap, then I get to work for a few hours, but if not we play. Then, it’s time to pick up daddy from work. Once we are home, I make dinner. So, when does the cleaning get done?

Enter Handy, Home Cleaning Services. This is the beauty of a website where I can book a service like cleaning my house. I have so little time for myself let alone to clean. Most of the time I’m playing with my little one to keep her entertained, or I am doing my work. Working from home with a little one is challenging but not impossible. Handy, Home Cleaning Services makes it easy to book a provider for cleaning your home at the click of a button, and it’s easy to find someone to help you at an affordable rate.

I like that I don’t have to sit and call maid services, and I also don’t have to leave cash lying around when I am not home. I want things done on my terms, and if someone isn’t comfortable with that then they won’t be cleaning my home. I am forever grateful for a service like Handybook that helps me get what I need without me manning the house when I have so little time. My priority is caring for my daughter, and I’m sure it is for you too.

If you are a full-time mom or a single parent, look to Handybook.