How Online Reputation Management Can Benefit Your Business

The entrepreneur has worked diligently for her entire life. She was promised that she could accomplish anything if she put her mind to it. After completing high school, she went on to college and graduate school in the disciplines of her choice. Now, she is launching a business with the hope that her skills will bring the fruit of the promise that was made to her. But now, there is a new threat. Somebody who is envious of her success wants to take her down. An anonymous blogger begins a smear campaign against her. Fortunately, the article published by the Huffington Post titled Online Reputation Management: Getting It Done Right provides a few helpful tips for her to begin to develop her reputation and brand.

Talk To Negative People

This sounds a little counter-intuitive. As a general principle, it should be better to avoid negative people. They spread too much misery and try to bring others down with them. But for the entrepreneur as reveals, it could be a necessity. If she has a critic who is very dissatisfied with her product or service, she will need to engage with him. Talk to him like he were a person. Do not attempt to win an argument with him. Listen to his criticisms and take them seriously. Show him how you are working on this problem or how you have progressed. Even critics will appreciate that.

Take Your Time

Unlike the last piece of wisdom, this one is a bit more intuitive. We generally recognize that if you take your time in crafting something, it will be much better than if you had not. A student in an art class might rush through a painting, hastily applying the principles that she learned and get a low grade. But if she takes her time and is careful, her grade will be higher. The same can be said of online reputation management. Sit down and do some research. Think about how these principles apply to your brand and your website.

Online reputation management can be daunting. But with a little bit of effort in communicating with difficult people and applying yourself, you can reap great rewards.


Ashley Madison Hack Leaves Status Labs Booming with Business

The internet is a digital world ruled by information. In order to accomplish anything of note on the internet you have to put yourself at some sort of risk by sharing your personal details. Whether you are signed up to a website or merely trying to make a purchase on the internet, your details will be out there. For the most part, websites work their hardest to keep your details secure. However, when a company fails to protect the information of their customers then a gigantic amount of fall out will occur. For users of the adultery based hook up website Ashley Madison, the outcome has been staggering.

Ashley Madison is a website that helps hook up married individuals so that they can have an affair. Though the website itself is reviled for its questionable moral content, the customers privacy should still be respected. However, this was not the case when a group hacked the customer’s database and released their private information for the world to see. With the Ashley Madison hack gaining rapid public exposure, those affected are quickly making a run to try and protect themselves. As you know, once something is on the internet it is likely there forever. So victims of the Ashley Madison hack know that their reputation is on the line and they have thus turned to the company Status Labs.

Status Labs is an online reputation management group that focuses on helping customers manage their web presence. Known as “fixers”, Status Labs utilizes social media, SEO article production, and public relations consultants in order to help their clients fix their brand. CEO Darius Fisher knows that people are reveling in the hack due to the controversial nature of the victims but he took a strong stance against the spectators. Fisher told reporters, “As our personal privacy continues to deteriorate, it’s only a matter of time before we’re all victims.”

In order to make a strong stance against the hackers we have seen Fisher and the rest of Status Labs offer up their services for free to the victims of the hack. Status Labs is offering free “crisis communications” to victims of the Ashley Madison hack.