James Cameron Speaks About Terminator: Genisys

James Cameron has finally weighed in on the new Terminator: Genisys trilogy. The director who created The Terminator and the franchise’s cast of characters turned down the opportunity to be involved with anything beyond Terminator 3 and turned his attention towards films such as Titanic and Avatar. Both of which turned out to be iconic hits.

Why is Cameron speaking out about the new trilogy?

He is not exactly going to be able to avoid being asked about the new trilogy. Any interview Cameron gives is likely going to involve him being asked questions about the characters he created. Then, there may be another reason why Cameron is offering his positive assessment of the new trilogy. He may be trying to help the films succeed.

A bit of negative chatter has surrounded the release of the new Terminator franchise. Largely, the poorly-received trailers have played a role in the less-than-thrilling buzz over the film. A question arises here. How many moviegoers have a weak opinion of the film?

The hardcore science-fiction fans who hold The Terminator films is such high regard are probably going to be the most critical. Even those who are not “super fans”, but do have fond memories of watching the first two Terminator films in theaters might find the new film to be weaker in quality. Maybe Cameron can change a few minds and nudge more than a few folk into theaters.