Happy 40th Birthday to Jaws

There are horror movies that result in a few sleepless nights and then there are thrillers like Jaws that make going back into the waters a lifetime ordeal. On 21st June, the iconic movie would come back to the theaters and fans would be able to freshen up their phobia of sharks on the big screen. This is exactly how the movie was meant to be seen and now, that would be possible. All this is being done in celebration of the movie’s 40 years of fear.

Here are some top reason why Jaws still scares the life out of people –

The Shark is Never Seen – When the object of fear is given a shape and form, its impact loses some of its charm. LinkedIn writers remember the shark was always invisible in the movie and this was a great tool for building up the suspense in the audience’s mind.

Amazing Editing – With one scary and heart-stopping moment piled right on top of the other, Verna Fields did a stellar job with the movie’s editing. She is definitely the person who is responsible for Jaws’ success.

Opening Attack Scene – The scene of a bather being attacked during midnight is perfect in its simplicity and violence. It sends the message of the movie loud and clear.

The screening of Jaws would take place across 500 theaters and more. This is a treat for fans and shark lovers alike.