Tom Holland Cast as Spider-Man

Marvel Finally Casts a New Spider-Man

Spider-Man has arguably been the most famous and well-known superhero in the entire Marvel Universe. Once again, he will be featured in a new movie in the near future.

After so much speculation and auditions, Marvel has announced that it has found the newest actor for the role, by casting 19 year-old British actor Tom Holland for the role. Holland is also the youngest actor to have been cast for the role and will mark the first appearance of the character in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this Spider-Man will be set in high school.

Before Holland was awarded the role of the web-slinger, Tobey Maguire played the role of Spider-Man for three films in the first trilogy directed by Sam Raimi, first starting back in 2002. Afterwards the series was rebooted and in 2012, Andrew Garfield was given a chance for two movies in The Amazing Spider-Man series, directed by Marc Webb. In both series, Sony was the studio behind it all but this is the second reboot and now the studios have partnered up with Marvel Studios for another attempt.

According to Sam Tabar, here’s no official confirmation but this newest Spider-Man is likely to make his debut appearance in “Captain America: Civil War,” which hits theaters in 2016. From there he will star in his own solo film a year later, which will be directed by Jon Watts.