Marc Sparks: The Key to Promoting a Product Successfully

Venture capitalist Marc Sparks believes that selling a business idea to a venture capitalist needs more than just an eye-catching presentation. Your target entrepreneur will want to know how the partnership will benefit him or her, so you will have to satisfy your prospective business partner on that score. Sparks recommends including the following points in your business presentation.

Every graphic needs to underscore a benefit the venture capitalist will receive by backing your project, otherwise you should not include it in your presentation. Use proven research and data to show your plan for success so that he or she will realize that investing in your idea will only amount to a win-win situation. Keep your presentation simple, so that the venture capitalist can absorb all of the pertinent information without losing interest. Most importantly, show pride and professionalism in your business product by asking your team to assist you in the presentation.

“If I’m in it, I’m all in,” says Marc Sparks of the importance of grabbing the venture capitalist’s attention. “I believe that focus is the key. You can get derailed every day by just life, let alone too many business ventures or directions.”

Sparks, from Austin, TX, has headed multiple start-up companies since 1975. Though many of these businesses achieved success, Sparks said that he learned valuable information from the companies that failed, and has put his words of wisdom into a book called, They Can’t Eat You. Sparks hopes that others may learn from his mistakes in business.

With a fearless passion to build businesses in areas that many find “impossible” to break into, Sparks shows his team members the patterns he expects them to follow through his own example. In this way, he successfully promotes the business model, goals and culture of his companies.

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