Tom Cruise and His Newest Projects

Tom Cruise has been a common face of Hollywood for decades. At times, he has felt backlash for his personal life, including his views of Scientology, but has continued to do his job as an actor very well. He has fans around the world and the team behind Boraie Development believe he can attribute his fame to his endearing performances in many unforgettable roles. From the information given in a recent article, there is much more to come out of the 52-year-old movie star.
Cruise has been busy all year with projects. Mission Impossible 5 is set to be released by year’s end, which is yet another sequel to the popular storyline. He is wrapping up filming in Georgia for another movie called Mena, which highlights the life of Barry Seal, a drug smuggler turned CIA agent during the 70’s and 80’s. It is speculated that the next film on Tom’s list may be a long-awaited sequel to Top Gun, which is the movie where Tom really gained his fame in the 1980’s with his role as Maverick, a handsome fighter pilot.