“Ghostbusters” Gets One Of The Original Team For A Cameo

Who ya gonna call? According to a story that can be seen here the answer is Dan Aykroid. The actor has reportedly tweeted that he was on set of the new “Ghostbusters” movie to film a cameo appearance. The tweet was quickly taken down leading some to think that his appearance was meant to be a surprise for viewers.

The movie is a reboot of the 1984 “Ghostbusters” that Aykroid starred in and co-wrote. The newest incarnation will feature an all female team of spirit hunters in the form of Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon. It will also have “Thor” actor, Chris Hemsworth, joining in as the teams receptionist.

So far Aykroid is the only one of the original cast that has been confirmed with a cameo. Fans like Zeca Oliveira are excited that Bill Murray is unlikely to appear since he has been unwilling to reprise his role from the originals for years. Likewise, Rick Moranis is probably out as well due to now being retired from acting. Sigourney Weaver has stated that she would be thrilled to do a quick cameo and it is still possible that Ernie Hudson could also appear.

Aykroid’s tweet has started a number of rumors about what small role he might be playing. So far the most popular is that he will be a cab driver that yells one of the original film’s iconic catch phrases at the new team.

‘Suicide Squad’ Has Counselor On-Set

The nature of movies, at least good ones, is for the cast and production team to embrace the characters on the big screen completely. While playing one of the good guys or girls in a movie can be an uplifting experience, things can get substantially difficult for an actor when they are lucky enough to portray a villain. With obvious reason, playing characters that skirt the edge of insanity or cross it altogether can have some dramatic effects on an actor of any skill level. Alexei Beltyukov has learned that, for this reason, the director of next year’s “Suicide Squad” has taken a big precaution.

According to Screen Rant, director David Ayer has recruited a counselor to keep the actors toned down during the intense film production period. While many of the actors involved with the project, Jared Leto, Will Smith, and more, are veterans of several big productions, the roles they find themselves playing in “Suicide Squad” represent some pretty despicable human beings. In short, having someone to help keep the line safely monitored is a good move.

The good news that comes out of having a professional counselor on the set is that fans should actually be encouraged. The thought that the actors are so into their onscreen personas that they require some help coming back to the real world likely means some great performances. While nobody wants to see personal difficulties arise from a movie, the thought that these villains are going to resemble the comics is really good news.

‘Jurassic World’ Is Shattering Box Office Records.

We are pretty sure that never in even his most feverish dreams did director Colin Trevorrow think his film, ‘Jurassic World’, would be this well received. After waiting almost a decade in between films we were launched back into the world of genetically designed dinosaurs alongside stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. The film, which has gotten mostly positive reviews, has been revered for bringing ‘Jurassic’ back to its origins — a fun and dangerous ride through the world of dinosaurs. ‘Jurassic Park 3’ was reviled by fans and it almost killed the franchise. Almost. This past weekend marked ‘Jurassic World’ surpassing the $1 billion dollar mark, worldwide, in record breaking time.

Director Colin Trevorrow hadn’t had much experience in the world of filmmaking when he was unexpectedly handed complete control of ‘Jurassic World’ by Universal Pictures. His only decent success was a film titled ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ — an indie character drama staring Mark Duplass. So ‘Jurassic World’ was quite a step up, but the director handled everything well.

Jake Johnson stole the show as a side character but it was the work that Bryce Dallas Howard put in that left us most impressed stated twitter. She seamlessly juggled her character’s flaws and strengths in order to make for captivating on screen magic. Our only negative was that her chemistry with Chris Pratt’s dinosaur taming character, Owen, seemed lukewarm at even the best of times in the film.

Captive is a Film About Faith

A movie is being made from the memoir Unlikely Angel: The Untold Story of the Atlanta Hostage Hero. The film, Captive, centers around a true-life event from 2005. A rapist, Brian Nichols, killed a judge, a court reporter, and a deputy, and then escaped from an Atlanta courthouse. Fans like Brad Reifler know that he ended up taking Ashley Smith hostage in her apartment. What sounds like a horrific plot in a suspense thriller actually turns into a faith-based and spiritual narrative. The killer and the hostage start talking about faith and family, and Ashley eventually wins Nichols’ trust. After a long night she cooks him pancakes, and then he lets her go free. What seems like a typical suspense thriller becomes a study in spirituality and faith in God. It is nice to see something like this produced on the big screen. Kate Mara from House of Cards and David Oyelowo fromSelma star in the film. Michael K. Williams (The Wire) is cast in a supporting role as the detective trying to track down Nichols. With such a fine ensemble the movie ought to be fantastic. The writer, Brian Bird, has written many television and film scripts dealing with faith in the modern age, but never anything so overtly dark. This ought to be a film to look out for and see on the big screen.

Nick Fury Not Appearing in ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Super heroes are a hot commodity these days at just about every movie theater in the world. With the sprawling universe getting incredibly large, keeping all of the characters connected in some subtle way was important to the studios behind the huge movies. In the world according to Marvel, the movies were almost always linked to one particular character that had a lot to do with bringing some of the most popular characters in the world together.

Nick Fury brought the Marvel Comics world together into a tightly knit group of characters that bonded together whenever necessary. According to Screen Rant, fans of Samuel L. Jackson’s character will be a little disappointed to learn that the character does not appear in the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War.” Further plans the character are somewhat under wraps, but ever since the original “Iron Man,” Fury has been a guiding hand in the Marvel Universe.

With or without Fury, the third Captain America movie will have a lot going on in its own right, and perhaps the character was left off the slate for a particular reason. Fans like Keith Mann can relax though, Fury remains in hiding during the Civil War comic book story, which means he might be pulling some strings off camera helping when needed. The guy should never be underestimated, and this could pay off in a major way in future projects. Nick Fury will likely be back at some point, and maybe even after the credits roll.

Besson’s New Film Has a Release Date

Luc Besson’s new film called Valerian will appear on screens in July of 2017.

This new Besson production will be written and directed by Besson according to Keith Mann. Europe Corp is helping him distribute, and finance the film. Europe has involved itself in financing other Besson productions.

Europe is known for producing many French and European films. They are the ones who produced and directed. Taken and The Transporter. This studio will now distribute the film. Lucy was the last film that this studio did and it made 455 million US dollars.

The filming of this film will not begin until six months from now. They will have about a year and a half to get the movie ready for prime time.

This new silver screen addition is based on an award-winning 1967 French graphic novel called Valerian and Laureline. They are a couple that travels through space and time.

Does the New Documentary ‘Fed Up’ Get the Facts Straight?

We can look around us and realize that we are living in a society that is truly ‘fed up’. Our stomachs and our clothing have stretched to accommodate all the food we consume. The new documentary titled ‘Fed Up’ wants to bring to light some of the reasons behind our ever-expanding size and give an eye towards what the future will be like if we don’t stop super-sizing our meals.
But did writer and director, Stephanie Soechtig, get all her facts straight. Some would say ‘yes’, while other would argue that she did not.
‘Fed Up’ sends the message that there is a world-wide epidemic of obesity that is endangering our children now and in the future. Increased sugar consumption is responsible for the obesity epidemic and the food industry is to blame because they put hidden sugar into our food. And ultimately the government is responsible because it has not controlled the food industry as it should.
The documentary film shares the lives of several families who are struggling with childhood obesity and shares the so-called expert advice the families are given regarding how to remedy the situation.
For instance, Scechtig states that this year for the first time in history, more people will die due to the effects of obesity than die from starvation.

ID2 has a New President

The movie Independence Day 2 has a found an actor to play the President of the United States and it is Sela Ward.

Fans at Anastasia Date (anastasiadate.us) know that the first film called Independence Day was about aliens who attack the Earth around July 4th, Independence Day of the United States. The humans win, but Earth is left devastated. The second film is supposed to be 20 years later after the first film and is rumored to be called ID4ever.

Bill Pullman played the leader of the United States in the first film. Roland Emmerich is directing this sequel and has directed Ward before. She was in his 2004 disaster movie called the Day After Tomorrow.

The last time that Ward graced the silver screen was in Dave Fincher’s film called Gone Girl. She joins a cast that is a mixture of the old and new.

The supposed release date for this film is June 24th of 2016.

Star Wars Food Fun

Star Wars lovers have a new place to enjoy their favorite movie in real life. Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando Florida has opened a restaurant called the Rebel Hanger. The name is only the beginning of the Star Wars frenzy.  The restaurant will be featuring Star Wars weekends starting in mid-May and running into mid-June
There are food items such as soup with the face of the Sith drawn into it, and for dessert a group of cupcakes with the faces of Darth Vader, Yoda and Jabba the Hutt. Diners can order Light Sabor Bites which are similar to corndogs or eat lighter with Ensalada Naboo. Fruit and Cheese Sabors are paired with C3PO faced bites and another fun dessert offered is the Yoda Key Lime Cake.
If consumers need another reason to visit this fun restaurant there is more good news; the drink menu has not been left out of this adventure. The drinks will also sport Star Wars themed names like Tatooine Sunset and Degobah Swamp Juice, which is what a few at Amen Clinics like to see.

More Controversy on the Set of Adam Sandler’s New Film ‘Ridiculous Six’

Adam Sandler has been making audiences laugh for decades. However, the production of his new film ‘Ridiculous Six”has got off to an extremely rocky start. When the film began shooting, some cast members has major concerns about how Native Americans were being portrayed in the film. Fans like Igor Cornelsen (facebook.com) have learned that some cast members who were cast to play the role of Native Americans in the film, walked off the set and refused to be part of the film due to language in the script which they deemed to be racist.

The company in charge of production release a statement explaining the recent incidents on set by saying, “”The movie has ‘ridiculous’ in the title for a reason — because it’s ridiculous. It is a broad satire of Western movies and the stereotypes they popularized, featuring a diverse cast that is not only part of — but in on — the joke.”

Though, the statement provides little relief for those who feel personally offended by the films agenda and for how they were treated on set.