Robert Rodriguez Will Write and Direct ‘Johnny Quest’ Film

Robert Rodriguez is one of the greatest film writers of all time. Most of his movies feature extreme violence and several sexual scenes. Robert Rodriguez’s most notable films are ‘Desparado’ and ‘Grindhouse.’ However, many people don’t know that Robert Rodriguez actually wrote the ‘Spy Kids’ movies, and he received a ton of praise and respect for showing his ability to write all different types of Hollywood films.

It was recently announced on Yahoo! that Warner Brothers has decided to hire Robert Rodriguez to co-write a new ‘Jonny Quest’ movie. Fans of the show should note that the ‘Jonny Quest’ film is going to be live action. Fans of the famed show remember that ‘Jonny Quest’ was originally made as a cartoon. However, Warner Brothers has decided that ‘Johnny Quest’ would work best as a live action film for this generation according to Adam Sender.

Robert Rodriguez seems to be on board with the project, but fans were a bit surprised that the ‘Desperado’ writer agreed to the ‘Jonny Quest’ project. However, Robert Rodriguez might be planning on helping Warner Brothers this time around, and a successful endeavor with such a powerful film company could lead to future partnerships. Robert Rodriguez has always had a cult following, Warner Brothers could make Robert Rodriguez an even more famous writer.