Who Is Yeonmi Park And What Is Her Latest Book About

¬†Yeonmi Park has a new book out and it’s called In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. Here is some information about the book and about Park and her story. About Park’s Book Park’s book is about her escape from North Korea, and it is based on true events. The book goes into great details about the life she lived while growing up in North Korea, and she reveals intimate details about the region she was raised in. However, there was an enormous price she had to pay for escaping, and that price is detailed in the book. Park’s book is heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. In Order To Live gives a glimpse of how life is in North Korea, and it offers readers the chance to learn exactly what the people of North Korea goes through and what park has been through in her young life. About Park She is 22-years-old and she is an author, human rights activist and a speaker. Park and her family escaped from North Korea with the help from Chines and Korean Christian missionaries, and they relocated to Mongolia. It was in 2007 when Park decided to become a full-time human rights activist on Youtube in North Korea. Park came from a wealthy family, but eventually they struggled because her father was accused of conducting illegal business. As a result, he was locked up, and he encouraged his family to escape from North Korea. Those who are interested in purchasing Park’s latest book can do so via Amazon.