‘Suicide Squad’ Has Counselor On-Set

The nature of movies, at least good ones, is for the cast and production team to embrace the characters on the big screen completely. While playing one of the good guys or girls in a movie can be an uplifting experience, things can get substantially difficult for an actor when they are lucky enough to portray a villain. With obvious reason, playing characters that skirt the edge of insanity or cross it altogether can have some dramatic effects on an actor of any skill level. Alexei Beltyukov has learned that, for this reason, the director of next year’s “Suicide Squad” has taken a big precaution.

According to Screen Rant, director David Ayer has recruited a counselor to keep the actors toned down during the intense film production period. While many of the actors involved with the project, Jared Leto, Will Smith, and more, are veterans of several big productions, the roles they find themselves playing in “Suicide Squad” represent some pretty despicable human beings. In short, having someone to help keep the line safely monitored is a good move.

The good news that comes out of having a professional counselor on the set is that fans should actually be encouraged. The thought that the actors are so into their onscreen personas that they require some help coming back to the real world likely means some great performances. While nobody wants to see personal difficulties arise from a movie, the thought that these villains are going to resemble the comics is really good news.