Zwivel Matches Patients With Prominent Cosmetic Surgeons Like Dr. Rod Rohrich

Plastic surgery has evolved from a perk of being wealthy, to an elective procedure available to everyone. The mainstreaming of cosmetic surgery procedures on has created somewhat of a chasm between the industry itself and those wanting tighter tummies, rounder backsides, and more prominent chins.

The chasm is cost. Consultations with leading surgeons alone can cost hundreds of dollars. Now, a doctor-to-potential-patient platform is narrowing the disconnect between cosmetic surgery wishes and realities. Dr. Gary Breslow and Dr. Craig Abramowitz have created Zwivel. It’s the ultimate online match service, featured in The New York Times, for cosmetic surgeons and future clients.

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Zwivel collects a monthly fee of $495 to member doctors for the privilege of being part of a huge doctor database. In contrast, the service is free for patients. When a patient is thinking about undergoing a procedure, he or she can connect with a doctor, submit profile pictures, ask questions, and find the complete vitae of any member doctor. In essence, Zwivel creates the opportunity to have multiple professional chats with doctors about any aspect of surgery. This includes honest advice regarding why wanting a procedure is a good, or bad idea. The advantage of Zwivel is that it encourages patients to be smart about who they choose for a surgeon, and gives surgeons an opportunity to exponentially increase their patient portfolios and reputations.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is an elite cosmetic surgeon with a vibrant and notable practice in Dallas, TX. He is a prominent doctor who is already experiencing the benefits of Zwivel. He was voted the best plastic surgeon in Dallas. This is due in great part to Rohrich’s support of patients with concerns about surgery through the use of advanced online technologies.

Total body aesthetics, ethnic rhinoplasty, genioplasty, liposuction, and other types of surgery are specialties of Dr. Rod Rohrich. As a result, he has a widespread reputation. Many patients would not have the opportunity to discuss surgery with a world class professional like Dr. Rod Rohrich without the help of an online service like Zwivel.

The creators of Zwivel are intent on educating the medical community and the general public that the service is not meant to replace intimate office visits before surgery. However, Zwivel makes it possible to determine which clinics and doctors are the right ones to visit. It helps patients to cut consultation costs as they weigh options, and helps surgeons form positive and lasting relationships with patients.