IAP Worldwide The History Of

When governments, major worldwide companies or research projects around the world require out of the ordinary logistical support, facilities management or advanced professional and technical advice, they turn to IAP Worldwide Services. For over forty-five years IAP Worldwide Services has provided clients with the kind of technical services that only someone like IAP could offer.

Going back to the beginning, Pan Am World Services was awarded the contract to build and manage our first space launch project in Cape Canaveral, FL. The company has since supported over 2,500 launches, including the manned shuttle program on iapws.com. Pan Am World Services, Inc was acquired by Johnson Controls, Inc. leading to the formation of Johnson Controls Worldwide Services. This merger made JCWS a global leader in the operations and maintenance of military and commercial facilities worldwide. Among the many things JCWS does for the military or for commercial facilities is to increase energy efficiency by automating a facility’s environmental control, including lighting, security precautions, and fire suppression systems.

Formerly known as International American Products, the company expanded its name in 2005 to IAP Worldwide Services. Starting with a contract to supply generator supplies to the U.S. Army operating in Saudi Arabia quickly led to the company’s support of our troops during Operation Desert Storm. Convincing the U.S. military it could provide the support they needed, IAP Worldwide Services continues to be awarded government contracts for international procurement, mobile power generation, transportation services, and disaster relief operations throughout the world.

In its continuing effort to make the company even more versatile IAP recently acquired the British engineering company G3 Systems. G3 offers its government and international clients a wide range of services, ranging from deployable modular systems, fixed infrastructure, and associated support services. G3 brings to IAP the ability to design, deliver, operate, and maintain equipment and facilities on a worldwide basis because of its ability to operate in harsh environments and challenging locations.

Today IAP is operating in 110 locations in over 20 countries. It employs over 1600 men and women, supporting 175,000 military personnel at dozens of installations both in the United States and the Middle East. When a natural disaster strikes IAP can quickly provide life-sustaining supplies and services. Their support of humanitarian aid projects has improved the lives of untold numbers of people throughout the world.

It is easy to understand why governments, companies, and research organizations rely on IAP Worldwide Services when they need support in some of the most remote and harsh living conditions in the world.

Ashley Madison Hack Leaves Status Labs Booming with Business

The internet is a digital world ruled by information. In order to accomplish anything of note on the internet you have to put yourself at some sort of risk by sharing your personal details. Whether you are signed up to a website or merely trying to make a purchase on the internet, your details will be out there. For the most part, websites work their hardest to keep your details secure. However, when a company fails to protect the information of their customers then a gigantic amount of fall out will occur. For users of the adultery based hook up website Ashley Madison, the outcome has been staggering.

Ashley Madison is a website that helps hook up married individuals so that they can have an affair. Though the website itself is reviled for its questionable moral content, the customers privacy should still be respected. However, this was not the case when a group hacked the customer’s database and released their private information for the world to see. With the Ashley Madison hack gaining rapid public exposure, those affected are quickly making a run to try and protect themselves. As you know, once something is on the internet it is likely there forever. So victims of the Ashley Madison hack know that their reputation is on the line and they have thus turned to the company Status Labs.

Status Labs is an online reputation management group that focuses on helping customers manage their web presence. Known as “fixers”, Status Labs utilizes social media, SEO article production, and public relations consultants in order to help their clients fix their brand. CEO Darius Fisher knows that people are reveling in the hack due to the controversial nature of the victims but he took a strong stance against the spectators. Fisher told reporters, “As our personal privacy continues to deteriorate, it’s only a matter of time before we’re all victims.”

In order to make a strong stance against the hackers we have seen Fisher and the rest of Status Labs offer up their services for free to the victims of the hack. Status Labs is offering free “crisis communications” to victims of the Ashley Madison hack.