More Arnold vs. Arnold in the Cool New Terminator TV Spot

The new television spot for Terminator: Genysis has been released and it heavily promotes the fight between the older Arnold and the computer generated 1984 version of the actor.

Clearly, the good people in the marketing department are pushing the young vs. old Arnie as a major selling point for the film. The decision to hype the fight up a lot comes with risks. Namely, the eventual fight could end up being a major letdown and that would not exactly help the word of mouth on the film.

The television spot also provides clips of other action scenes in the film. Most interestingly, we do get a glimpse of the launch of several nuclear missiles in what is clearly the point in which SkyNet becomes self-aware and brings about Armageddon. Of course, the missile launching clip could be a bait and switch. We’ll have to wait until the film actually comes out to learn what is truly going on.

Interestingly, the commercial is being released long in advance of the July 1 release date. Looks like the studio really wants to hype up the release of this film. No one would want to see the debut of the new Terminator trilogy falter and fail to be a hit.

Terminator: Genysis has a lot of competition to deal with this summer. Hopefully, the old-time fans of the first two Terminator films will turn out in large numbers and make the film a hit.