Beneful is a New, Innovative High-Quality Dog Food that Allows your Dog to be Healthy and Playful

Purinastore Petcare recently released a new healthy dog food called Beneful in response to the growth in nutritional pet foods. Today’s pet owners have changed from the pet owners of yesteryear; they are willing to spend more money on their pet’s food and buy nutritious foods. The $23.7 billion pet industry has grown 45 percent in the area of healthy pet foods.

Freshpet is an alternative pet food company located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania that has developed the first industrial refrigerated whole food dog food. Sales have been steadily growing even though the cost is twice the average pet food. Freshpet makes its food with chunks of chicken, beef and turkey along with potatoes and fresh vegetables, which makes it very similar to people’s food. The manager is so proud of the product, he has been known to slice off a piece and pop it in his mouth. His reply, “Tastes like Thanksgiving!” One drawback with refrigerated dog food is that the shelf life is much shorter, so this cuts down on its convenience level.

Pet food that looks like human food is the trend now-a-day. Pet owners today are not interested in giving their pets plain chow and regular canned cat and dog food. They prefer to give their pets delicious and nutritious natural pet foods, and there is a good reason for this. Nutritious pet food like Beneful, gives your dog more energy and keeps him/her playful all day. Also, there are fewer trips to the vet when your dog is getting the nutrients that it needs.

Beneful is one of the newest alternative dog foods on the market. There are other big companies that are producing innovative new pet foods, such as Purina Petcare who purchased Merrick Pet Care, Mars Petcare, the leader in pet-food sales, Nutro Farm’s Food and Merrick’s new Backcountry line. Beneful is one of the top premium dog foods that is getting attention in 2016.

Beneful is a complete whole food dog food, and Purina is proud to say that it is a high-quality food that dogs love. There are eight different types of kibble, 20 varieties of wet food and four treats.