Sergio Cortes Channels Michael Jackson and Fans Praise His Efforts

As someone that grew up during the Michael Jackson and Prince era, I favored Jackson. He was able bring me happiness for so many years with all of his entertaining videos and magical songs. When he passed I knew that his music would live on, but I had no idea that there would be someone in the world that could impersonate his so well. Sergio Cortes has done a magnificent job of keeping Jackson’s stage performance in tact by taking on the job of impersonating a man that was a legend.

Jackson made timeless music, and I have been able to see some shows in Las Vegas that were simply amazing. The thing about Sergio Cortes that works is his look. To me, that is special in a different type of way because he makes people stand in awe. Lots of fans of Michael Jackson has taken photos with him. That is how much he looks like Jackson to me. He may be a bit more muscular than Jackson, but aside from that he has the same features. There is also the hair that is styled like Jackson’s hair. These are things that have allowed him to be recognized outside of Brazil – his native land – for such an impressive impersonation of Michael Jackson.

I have seen the videos of him performing. I have seen him interviewing. I can tell that he has worked very hard to make each impersonation believable. I like this because he has managed to carve out a unique niche that most people just don’t have access to. Other performers may be to emulate the moves. The average performance doesn’t have all the quirks and slight movements that make the impersonation come off as authentic. Cortes does, and that is why he has been successful. He has been recognized by the masses as one of the best in the world of Jackson impersonations.

Michael Jackson had a long career. He made it easy for people to really study him because he had a whole catalog of music. He has all of this energy, and he has managed to provide a lot of videos that people can study. That is why Sergio Cortes has been able to really carve out a place as a talent in this world. I can just tell that he has taken the time to study and master what Jackson was doing.

When I see someone like Sergio performing I know that my kids and my grand kids will still get to witness the magic of Michael Jackson. He left a huge legacy of music that can continue to live on. His performances were amazing, and Sergio continues to carry Jackson’s torch.