ID2 has a New President

The movie Independence Day 2 has a found an actor to play the President of the United States and it is Sela Ward.

Fans at Anastasia Date ( know that the first film called Independence Day was about aliens who attack the Earth around July 4th, Independence Day of the United States. The humans win, but Earth is left devastated. The second film is supposed to be 20 years later after the first film and is rumored to be called ID4ever.

Bill Pullman played the leader of the United States in the first film. Roland Emmerich is directing this sequel and has directed Ward before. She was in his 2004 disaster movie called the Day After Tomorrow.

The last time that Ward graced the silver screen was in Dave Fincher’s film called Gone Girl. She joins a cast that is a mixture of the old and new.

The supposed release date for this film is June 24th of 2016.