The Traveling Vineyard – A Service Unlike Any Other

For a service unlike any other, consider The Traveling Vineyard. It offers a timely at-home wine delivery as well as free event tastings. The Traveling Vineyard also provides a number of door-to-door sales or work-from-home opportunities with bonuses and commissions for those looking for either a full-time or part-time source of additional funds. The harder that you work, the more money you will make. It is all possible with connections, dedication, humility and a consistent record of solid sales. The sale of fine wines is no easy task in today’s age; it requires an extra level of charm, passion, wine knowledge, excellence and flair.

“Since our first free home wine tasting in November 2001, we’ve seen our independent Wine Guides achieve amazing things, both for themselves and the countless people they’ve guided through evenings of fun, friendship, and flavorful wine. The home-based business model gives our Guides the power…” (Source:

Social Media, Anyone?

The amount of social media success, and its overall feedback alone, more than speaks for itself. The main website page is not the only one attracting potential customers, business partners, home sellers and employees. The Facebook page is even more popular. It has over 500 photos and videos, 33,000 likes and 33,500 followers. New posts are issued on the timeline every day, and no post is ever without a comment, like, or share in return from a loyal fan or new follower.

The Traveling Vineyard’s official Twitter page holds over 2,000 followers and 200 following marks. Nearly 2,000 tweets and 196 likes also add to the widespread awareness of this unique business and all that it represents and promises to sell. The Traveling Vineyard’s Instagram account has over 300 posts since 2010, over 3,000 followers and 50 following marks. It also offers a useful cross-referencing link for accessing the Facebook page from its page with no less than a simple click of the mouse. All of The Traveling Vineyard’s social media pages have at least one link that may direct viewers to another of the company’s pages.

Pinterest Page

The Traveling Vineyard’s Pinterest page makes over a thousand unique pins available to viewers and followers new and old. It also has nearly 100 likes and 30 discussion boards, along with 3,800 followers and 98 following marks. More is promised to come very soon.

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