Slyce Moving Forward With New SnipSnap Service

Slyce has built itself up to become one of the most important visual search service providers in the world today. With the service, users are able to snap photographs with their phone and have the image instantly analyzed by the service. From there, it can then tell someone where to purchase it, what it costs and also similar brands. This has made Slyce a major player in the world of visual search through its Slyce platform. However, there are other ways it has looked towards improving the services it can provide, and one way is through the recent acquisition of SnipSnap.

So what is SnipSnap exactly? It is one of the most popular digital coupon and personal savings assistants available today. It allows customers to find coupons they are more likely to use and find desirable. With these coupons, they can use all of the coupons on shopping trips or simply scan the coupon on their phone and have the refunded money go into an account. The Toronto Slyce company decided to purchase SnipSnap and integrate it into its online visual search services. This way, customers are able to not only snap pictures of items and products they want to purchase, but they can also find coupons to the product and learn about what stores the coupons are good for. All of this makes it extremely desirable and the match between the two services should prove especially helpful to anyone who wants to save money.

There is also a virtual concierge in order to help assist with the artificial intelligence of the visual search. This way, if someone wants to double check and make sure they are obtaining the product for the very best price, they can access this visual service and a human being will check the rest of the Internet to make sure it is possible for the person to find the very best product possible at the very best price. All of this is going to go a long way in helping a customer make sure they are always going to have the best price and the best product, no matter what.

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