Automaker Stocks Have Always Weathered Scandals Says Marcio Alaor


When people ask Marcio Alaor what type of stock they should add to their investment portfolio to bet on steady but always profitable stocks, he tells them to invest in the automobile industry. All his clients receive the benefit of his vast knowledge of the auto industry, including all the different manufacturers across the world.

Marcio Alaor BMG is the CEO of the South American bank: Banco BMG. He teaches the importance of taking a company public in order to raise large amounts of capital quickly. Launching an IPO (Initial Public Offering) enables the company to grow enough to become a dominating force in that company’s industry. As an example, he points out that General Motors (GM) went public with an IPO a hundred years ago, in 1915. The capital raised supported the growth of GM from just another fledgling car company, which had been struggling to follow in Ford Motor Company’s tire treads, to the number one automaker in the world. GM’s assets are valued at more than $54 billion USD.

By contrast, Henry Ford fought his own people to keep his company, the first one and at one time the most successful, from ever going public. Consequently, Ford lagged behind and did not launch an IPO until 1956, by Henry Ford’s son. Ford Motor Corporation is still the number 2 auto maker, and at times has been number 3. Mr. Alaor points out that the IPO is very important to a company’s growth and viability and also presents a “win-win” for both the company and John Q. Public. This is because when a private person owns a little piece of a big corporation, they have a vested interest in promoting that company. The company wins by having access to a quickly-growing pile of much needed capital. Read this article for more about Marcio Alaor’s bullish stance on automakers.

There are many great investment inroads with automakers, despite the media’s sensationalized hype about minor technicalities, such as happened in the Volkswagen scandal. Mr. Alaor says these are aberrations that do not negatively affect automaker stock values in the long term. Investors look at the product quality and overall value, which is little affected by some emissions sensor miss-calibrations.

Madison Street Capital Financial Advisory

Madison Street Capital offers their corporate financial advisory services to both public and private businesses internationally which means that they are a banking firm that is prepared to handle international investments. Madison Street Capital shows a high commitment to a quality standard of service that promises a dedication to administration, virtue, and supremacy. Among the services mentioned, Madison Street Capital offers estimations of worth, specifically the expertise of the worth of companies assets and tax compliance, they also offer services in financial and economic advice, capital restructuring, reorganization services of very complicated financial and economical situations, ESOP advisory, buy out advisory, and many more services.
Madison Street Capital has an annual revenue of $130,000 and they only employ a staff of two people. This small hive of busy financial worker bees is actually still very young, establishing only in 2011. Being young however should not present a lack in experience, with the prior understanding of such a diverse range of industries Madison Street Capital is more than prepared to continue in growth within the world of corporate financial assistance today.
Madison Street Capital is very community oriented and they are concerned with recent disasters that alter the personalities and livelihoods within the community at devastating levels. Madison Street Capital participates in raising awareness by referencing the United Way Disaster Relief Efforts and they would genuinely like to make a difference during times of these detrimental disasters and help the community that they care so much about.
Within the three continents of North America, Asia, and Africa, Madison Street Capital means big business but the compassion they show to the community will allow them to step away from corporate behemoths in the future. A company that takes care of it’s community is taken care by it’s community. Rapid growth should be in their future.

Lime Crime Creates Bold and Expressive Cosmetics

Some people use make up as a way to cover flaws and enhance what they like about their features. However, many women like to use their make-up in a bolder way. They like using their make-up like art to express who they are. Lime Crime is the perfect make-up line for those who like expressive and unique make-up colors.

Lime Crime is the dream and creation of its owner, Doe Deere. Doe was born in Russia but she was raised in NY City. She started the company in 2008 with very little money but a lot of passion. Because she started small but with big dreams, she encourages others to not “quit their daydream,” too.

As a matter of fact, she is a huge supporter of women who desire to start their own businesses and frequently gives talks and mentors women in order to help them achieve their goals. She speaks about trusting your instinct when in business and letting it be your guide. She regularly encourages women entrepreneurs by participating in events such as the PHAMExpo.

One of Doe’s guiding passions is her love for animals. Not only does she give regularly to a shelter and own rescue cats, she also refuses to test her products on animals. In accordance with her care for animals, all Lime Crime products are cruelty-free and vegan.

Doe is a former rock band member and beauty blogger. She brings an adventurous attitude and interest in beauty products to her cosmetics. You can see that intense spirit represented all throughout her line. Some of her lip colors have names like Riot and Trouble, and they are definitely daring. However, there are softer colors such as Cashmere and Coquette for days when you are feeling more demure.

Lime Crime has recently partnered with Urban Outfitters where they will be launching a new lipstick called Eraser. Additionally, they will soon be coming out with a line of hair color which promises to be just as creative as their make-up. They even offer a feature on their website called Hairspiration. Here, customers can find make-up colors that will complement various hair colors and Instagram photos from Lime Crime customers showing off their creations.

Lime Crime is an exciting brand with colors for those who love beauty products that are artistic and unique. There’s truly something for everyone from those who like bright and bold to those like a softer look. With new products and a hair color line coming out, they are definitely a company to watch.

Who Is Yeonmi Park And What Is Her Latest Book About

 Yeonmi Park has a new book out and it’s called In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. Here is some information about the book and about Park and her story. About Park’s Book Park’s book is about her escape from North Korea, and it is based on true events. The book goes into great details about the life she lived while growing up in North Korea, and she reveals intimate details about the region she was raised in. However, there was an enormous price she had to pay for escaping, and that price is detailed in the book. Park’s book is heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time. In Order To Live gives a glimpse of how life is in North Korea, and it offers readers the chance to learn exactly what the people of North Korea goes through and what park has been through in her young life. About Park She is 22-years-old and she is an author, human rights activist and a speaker. Park and her family escaped from North Korea with the help from Chines and Korean Christian missionaries, and they relocated to Mongolia. It was in 2007 when Park decided to become a full-time human rights activist on Youtube in North Korea. Park came from a wealthy family, but eventually they struggled because her father was accused of conducting illegal business. As a result, he was locked up, and he encouraged his family to escape from North Korea. Those who are interested in purchasing Park’s latest book can do so via Amazon.