Capital Group’s Take On Critical Investment Matters

The present chairperson of the Capital Group is known as Timothy Armour. He is also a director, chairman, and principal executive of the Capital Research and Management Company.

Mr. Armor has been managing equity portfolios for the clients of the firm. He started his career by working for the company and has served it for over 33 years. His first job at the enterprise was in 1983, and he worked at its associate program. Another role that he held was serving as its Equity Investment Analyst whereby he was in charge of U.S based companies and international telecommunications. He is an alumnus of the Middlebury College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

In 2017, Timothy will be working on various investment themes and believes that the year will be successful. Some of the critical areas that he will be focusing on include interest rates. Fed increased the rates two times in the past year. He will also be addressing matters that deal with corporate earnings, which are significantly influenced by the growth of the global domestic product inside and outside the United States. According to forecasts, the country might have a rapid worldwide growth, and it will be clearly reflected in the corporate earnings. Mr. Armor will deal with the deviation of the economic growth inside the United States and of the regions of the globe. Japan and various parts of Europe have been affected by different issues, but they have been recovering in the recent times. The economic growth of all regions of the globe has to be fast for corporate earnings to be notable.

Armour will be having various investment meetings this year, and he will be talking much about the impact of the rise in interest rates. He will focus on industries and enterprises that will make profits or losses and chances of inflation occurring. Various internationally operating monetary organizations are interested in inflating the system. The primary beneficiaries of such a situation are firms that have an excellent pricing power and commodity-oriented businesses. These are the current pressing issues in the sector.

The investment firm and Samsung Asset Management recently established a productive partnership. The affiliation of the two enterprises will be beneficial in the formation of real investment programs that will benefit Korean retail and organizational investors. Tim believes that efforts of the two organizations offer methods that deal with savings, insurance, and retirement.