Power Rangers Taking a Stab at a Reboot

Oh no there are rumors of another Power Rangers. They’re looking to reboot this once popular TV series for children. At least we would really hope that it was for the children. Because in real life we know that these power rangers can be very dangerous. Sam Tabar suggests that when you take the red ranger with his ninja skills who ended up stabbing his roommate in the stomach with a samurai sword! Don’t have a disagreement at their apartment and you never know what will happen. Now I’m not one to pick on people generally.

Well actually I am but seriously a red power rangers stabs a guy in the stomach with a sword and shortly after that you want to reboot the show! Do you think this sets a good example for children jerkoffs? Did you guys hire former press secretary of the White House to do your work for you like McDonalds did? Next thing you know you’ll have a sexy thief in your show just like McDonalds with their sexy Hamburglar. Some things are not meant to bring back. If you fail the first time it is a pretty good assumption that it will fail again.

The first power ranger looked like a cross between Jacob from Twilight and Neal Patrick Harris. So the morale being sent out is stab someone and your show might come back. Power Rangers and Saved by the Bell would be huge!